Amethyst from Diamond Hill Mine, SC, on stone base 2" square. $10

Golden brown, translucent, rather flat crystals. About 1.5" average. Have been informed these are selenite hourglass crystals from OK. $5

Natural amethyst points. $2 each

Feldspar crystals. Smoky quartz crystal. Albany, NH. $3

Dice shaped and sized cubes are limonite pseudomorphs after pyrite from NC. $10

Fully polished rose quartz point, large. $74

Fully polished rose quartz point. $54

Raw quartz crystals. $2 each.

Small double terminated quartz crystals. 2 for $1

2 calcite crystals, about 2 inches each. $4.50

Fluorite specimen, New Mexico. Gotten in a trade and was told it fluoresces but haven't tried it. 4"x2"x2". $6

Clear river quartz from Brazil. Also known as seer stone because you can gaze into its depths like a crystal ball. $5.50

Herkimer diamond (quartz) in matrix from NY. 1"x1"x2". $6

Calcite on matrix from Joplin, Missouri. 3"x2"x.5" $6


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