Quartz crystal arrow, about 1.5". $5

Clear faceted carmina heart, $3

Aventurine pendant. $2

Rose quartz cabochon, 30x40. $7

Rose quartz cabochon, 30x22. $5

Rose quartz cabochon, 18x25. $4

Rose quartz cabochon, 10x14. $2

Faceted blue topaz, 6mm. $18

Faceted citrine, 6mm. $7

Moonstone cabochon, 10x14. $9

Moonstone cabochon, 8x10. $4

Moonstone cabochon, 6x8. $3

Tigereye cabochon, 25 mm. $6

25x18 calcite. $2

25x18 striped calcite. $2

22x30 honey calcite. $2

22x30 white calcite. $2

Sardonyx, 22x30. $7

Black onyx. 38mm. $10

Black onyx, 30x40. $7

Black onyx. 22x30. $6

Black onyx, 25x18. $4

Black onyx, 18x13. $3

Black onyx. 10x14. $2

Black onyx. 10x12. $2

Red synth spinels. $3

Red, white and blue spinels, small sizes. $3

Hubei turquoise oval, 50x30. $18

Anui turquoise, irregular oval 63x31. $20

Natural hubei turquoise from China. 36x25 freeform. $9

Natural hubei turquoise from China. 46x30. $10

Anhui freeform turquoise cab from China. 50x30. $8

Unusual color and pattern on this anhui freeform, 38x23. $8

Turquoise, natural hubei, from China. 45x23. $8

Freeform turquoise, 36x25, hubei. China. $8

Odd oversized cabochon. $3.50

Four stones, assorted small sizes. $4

goldstone cab: Man made stone. 10mm diameter. $2.50

gray agate: Matched pair of blue gray stones, 13x18mm, with perfect polish. $4.50

turquoise cabochon: The greenish variety. 10x15mm non-calibrated. $7.50

white agates: Perfectly matched, almost like moonstones. Would make nice earrings. 13x18mm. $4.50

Gray agate rectangle, polished on all sides. Rounded corners. 26x21mm. $2.50


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