Handmade one inch ceramic swan. Beak is real gold. $3

A very special item. If you buy this the money will go to a good cause and I will tell you its signifiance. $20

Selenite lamp. $35

Selenite candleholder. $29

brazil agate painting: Flowers on brazil agate slab with high polish. $5.50

butterfly trivet: Handmade turning trivet features a silk butterfly and several preserved pansies from northern Minnesota. A centerpiece for your table or a place to keep salt and pepper shakes, sugar bowl, etc. $20

cactus gourd: Did you know?...gourds are one of the oldest plants cultivated by human beings and they have been around for more than ten thousand years. Although they grow best in tropical or subtropical regions, gourds have been cultivated as far north as Sweden (in the area just south of the Arctic Circle!) About 6 inches in diameter. $7.50

Christmas bell: Pearly white with blue accents. Tree ornament. $2.50



Christmas house gourd: Lagenaria, the scientific term for hard shell gourds, have many uses: utilitarian, decorative, and ceremonial. They have even served as floats for fishing rafts. 9 inches tall. $5.50

decorative gourd: With leather strap for hanging. The painted face is from Pacific Northwest native culture. $6.50

dinosaur: Pewter miniature. Brontosaurus on inch square polished slab. $4.50

devil gourd: Bird house gourd with hole drilled in back. Dyed black. Approx 5” diameter. $6

Dreamcatcher made in northern Minnesota. $50

Minnesota loon gourd: It can take up to two years for a gourd to dry, usually to a lovely tan color. This one is five inches in diameter and features a loon (Minnesota state bird), also a fish and a turtle. $5

Napkin holder with rabbit and carrot. $5

petroglyph horse gourd: Gourds have been used since prehistoric times and have spanned the globe. Southwest design. Approx. 6” diameter. $7.50

pansy gourd: Yellow, pink and lavender pansies on three sides of this handpainted container gourd. Green lacing. 7.5 inches diameter. $8.50

refrigerator magnets: Apple and strawberry set. $3.50

southwest thunderbird gourd bowl: Design on this seven inch bowl is based on native southwest pottery. $7.50

strawberry bowl: Gourds have many meanings, depending upon the culture that uses them. They can be considered good omens, houses for spirits, representations of the universe, a gift from the gods. 7 inch gourd with strawberry motif. $8.50

suncatcher (aqua): Clear resin. $2.50

suncatcher (blue with red highlights): Clear resin. $2.50

thunderbird vase: Gourds grow into a variety of shapes, some of which resemble and were the forerunner of pottery. 9 inch vase shape with turquoise and black thunderbird design. $7.50

train and spike: A three inch pewter miniature in two parts. $6.50

viking gourd: This gourd is a birdhouse. The whole was drilled the right size for a wren. I have had people purchase these houses and tell me later that they actually saw baby birds in them! $5.50

white buffalo gourd: Read the amazing story of the white buffalo calf woman online at Also read the other stories, and the links to that page. 7 inch gourd container. $8.50

wolf gourd: Three Minnesota wildlife scenes: wolf, loon, and deer with turtle. Decorative. 6” diameter and about 8” high. $9

Native American design on maranka gourd. $8

Pink flamingos. Nostalgia from the 50's. $10

A container for flowers. Red, green, gold and white strawberry design. Beaded trim. $9

Southwest pottery scene on maranka gourd birdhouse. $7

Design from southwest pottery on small container gourd. $8

Large container gourd with three designs: bluebird, angel, and pink rose. $10

Small container gourd with three Swedish designs: flag, maypole dance, and dala horse. $8

Medium sized bird house. $7

Birdhouse for wrens or small birds. $6

Christmas tree ornament. $3.50

Medium sized bowl for a summer flower arrangement. $7

Japanese fish design. $7

The Old Dutch cleanser lady chasing dirt. Red rim. $7

Decorative. About 8" tall. $8


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