These jasper eggs are from Pakistan. $5 each or two for $7

The following pastel eggs are about the size of small hen's eggs. Same price as above

Garnets in sealed vial. This is very old. $4

Rose quartz skull. About 25 mm. $3

Coal heart. About 40 mm. $3

The following items are made from genuine catlinite (pipestone) that has been legally, properly and respectfully quarried by a neighbor of Native American descent

Turtle fetish. 1.5x1.5". $20

Handcarved turtle fetish. 1.5x2". $22

Artifact, possibly a skin scraper. Origin unknown. My neighbor who has passed was a forest ranger and game warden and he gave me his collection of old bottles, stones, artifacts, and miscellaneous. This was among them. This one is nicer than average and would make a nice wire wrap piece. $10


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