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Nikki's Cyber Crib

hey i got into the college i wanted so i can be closer to my bf. lov u baby. can't wait to get at you again. megan don't laugh!!!!!!! i am no good at sites. if you are laughin i will laugh at yours. i am the blonde in all my pix if i can get em all on here. i am 5'6 with baby blue eyes, an athletic bod nice tan. guys don't ask my bra size and yes they are real. blame it on the italian. i like rock and roll and parties. ya know college life. i am going to be a RA so i have ta have some fun. i like swimming and the beach. anything else? you can always ask me. ok seeya lovya hugya kissya if ya lov me then i missya

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hey ya gap girls
shockwave games

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