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Favre doesn't deserve a hot wife

Brett Favre is considered one of the best quaterbacks ever. I will not deny that he is a good quaterback (surely better than Akili Smith or Jamarcus Russell), but at the same time I think he is a horrible sportsman, person, and professional. It's simple, he got hurt and instead of doing things the right way, he took painkillers to keep playing and ended up getting addicted. "For love of the game" give me a break. That is nothing short of cheating.

He was the face of the Green Bay franchise for many years, and in the interest of the franchise they decided to cover their ass and draft a good quaterback to replace Favre since he was aging. Favre then decided that he would have nothing to do with mentoring or helping his replacement, Aaron Rodgers, in any way. They eventually settled their differences, but come on! What kind of a professional says "No I will not help this guy"?

So for 3 years Favre played while Rodgers sat patiently on the bench. And for years Favre "considered" retiring, screwing with the Packers orginization. In the 2008 offseason Favre declared he would retire from professional football after losing the previous NFC Championship. He cried and sobbed and said he loved football, but he was going to finally retire and Rodgers would finally get his shot.

Then, as training camp started to gear up, Favre decided to come out of retirement. Green Bay had already prepared to start with Rodgers, which Favre threw a hissy fit about and demanded to be traded. Favre was in contact with the Minnesota Vikings, a Green Bay division rival. Being their rival, of course the Packers did not want Favre going there. Regardless they released Favre into free agency where he was picked up by the New York Jets.

Favre did good with the Jets for a while. Near the end of the season he threw more interceptions than touchdowns and lost their final game to the Miami Dolphins, a division rival, that kept the Jets from the playoffs. Everyone in the world was thinking, "Gee Brett you're getting old, time to actually quit." and which Brett Favre told the Jets he would retire.

Among other things, Favre is a sellout

Thinking he would be an honest man and having a couple of good quaterbacks in the upcoming draft, the Jets released Brett Favre. Again, come July rumors swirled about Brett coming back. August comes round and with the NFL preseason. Brett Favre signed with the Minnesota Vikings crushing the hearts of all his loyal Green Bay fans.

With Brett Favre it's all "me me me" and someone needs to "accidentally" put a knee to his head. Give him a good concussion and maybe he will seriously consider retiring. He holds lots of records, that likely won't get broken, including most career interceptions (currently 313). Hopefully he takes a hint from John Madden and retires. I also hope he doesn't decide to become a TV analyst, at which time I will no longer watch football.