Welcome to the Mingo County Service Page. This page is intended to honor those who fought to protect our lives and our freedom. We are grateful for these brave Americans who risked their lives for our great country. Posting of these pages was a group effort by The Burgess Family.Be sure to sign our guestbook and/or send us pictures if you would like to have them posted.

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Mingo County Service Page

William C. Marcum

Arthur Raymond Wellman s/o Tennessee Hager and Troy Wellman, Breeden, 1943

The Dent Children - Velma and Merle,(Back)Virginia,Clifford,and June(?), Breeden

Clarence Marcum,s/o Viney and Harrison Marcum,killed in France,buried at Breeden

Donald Wellman s/o Tennessee Hager and Troy,1956

Donald Wellman,center with friends in Breeden

(left)Jimmy Little,s/o Forest Marcum and Bruce Little, and Donald Wellman, Breeden

Lora Burgess, Norma Jean Hager's and Shelby Burgess'daughter

Luther Kirk s/o Marietta Browning and "Doc" Kirk,Breeden

Marvin Charles Hager s/o Dorothy Hager,1928-1961,Arlington Cemetary

Marvin Charles Hager,grandson of Tennessee Hager,Breeden

Pinkney Dent s/o Will and Mary Jane Williams/Dent,Breeden

Arthur Raymond Wellman s/o Tennessee and Troy, Breeden,1943

Clarence Browning s/o Rosie and Frank(left)and Clarence Marcum s/o Harrison and Viney Dent-Marcum,Breeden

Thomas Lee Dent and Aunt Tennessee Hager,WWI,1914,Breeden

Arthur Ray Burgess Jr.,s/o Arthur and Dorothy Hager Burgess

Henry Adair

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