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Hey Dad, I left out some pics that kind of looked the same as the others, like more mountains or more sky, etc but these are the main ones.

Our plane we took, DHS, at Wigram before we left on Saturday morning and Me and Andy with the plane.

The ski fields as we headed to Lake Tekapo, and the Lake as we were passing over it.

The lake again and sitting in the plane at Queenstown admiring the scenic background.

One of the main streets in Queenstown, a view of both ways.

Views of the lake and the scenery.

The Lake looking in the opposite direction, and a shot of all 4 of us we got some tourist to take.

Lauren & Bruce, and Me & Andy.

Last view of the scenery from the taxi to the airport - beautiful day!

The line up at Queenstown Airport and a close up of two little ones.