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Who's Fault Is It?

Who's Fault Is It ?

" Who's Fault ?"

You want to place the blame,,
Look in the mirror,,
I wanted you,, you pushed me away,,
I loved you dearly ,, you took me for granted
I ran your bath, and washed your back,,
still it wasn't enough.
I cooked for you ,, cleaned for you,
made love to you,, still it wasn't good enough,,,
I did every thing you ask,, still not good enough,,
you pushed me back ,,,
when you were sick,,
I loved you
and took care of you when you were better,,,
your thanks you was lost in the black eye,,
Guess you thought they looked good on me ,,
it was about all you ever gave me...
But still I loved you,, still I wanted you,,
Don't you understand ...
Love that deep has no boundries,,
You took your love some where else,,
I stayed and waited,,
wishing my time would come
It Didn't,,the only thing that came, was your fist to touch my cheek..
How long i ask my self was i to wait...
how long could i hold out..
Then to hear you say ,,
" Its your fault,,why do you have to be that way"
You tore my heart out,,
and for years i did this,,,
You finally tore it out one to many times ,,
Now i don't love you and you wonder why ,,
what did you ever do that I
would love someone else,,?
So who's fault is it?

Page Written and Created
By Marty