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secret Lovers


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Baby i know your hurting..

right now you feel like you

Secret Lovers

can never love again

All I ask is for a chance

To prove

That I Love You



She a wife, and not to he;
He a bachelor, young and free.
She came to work at his place of employ,
His company she did enjoy.

Their intentions were good and wholly honest,
For it was to another man she had promised.

She did not seek to go astray,
He did not seek to lead her away.
She did think him handsome with eyes big and brown,
He did seem to like what he saw in her too.

They talked now and then to pass the time,
For talking and joking was not a crime.
Some harmless flirting just once in a while,
What harm could come from sharing a smile?

Distracted though, her gaze did pull,
To watch his lips so soft and full.
Then up his face her eyes did rise,
To look into his beautiful eyes.
His gaze was deep, it held her there,
She could not move, she did not dare.
She could not breathe, could not look away,
It was in this place she wanted to stay.

The draw to him seemed beyond her control,
And to her other, it did take it's toll.
For he never made her feel this way,
With him she was lonely and could not stay.
And so having known she made a mistake,
Though against her morals, her vows she did break.
She was not prepared for the guilt she would feel,
In hope for forgiveness before God would she kneel.

Her days became dark with guilt and confusion,
She wondered if love was but an illusion.
Her mind was reeling, the thoughts led to him,
Was this love that they shared, or for him just a whim?
With motives unclear, she knew in her heart,
It was best that she should make a new start.
She struggled then to know what to do,
Did she deserve a love, having been untrue?
She punished herself and sabotaged fate,
Yet a part of her for him would wait.

Did he knock on her door then, and she not hear,
Or did she not answer, out of pure fear?
Or did he never knock at all?
Did he laugh at her when once she did call?
How could it be such a love two could share,
But to reach for the other, no one would dare.
They needed to talk, but they couldn't somehow,
Only cryptic messages did their hearts allow.
But through these messages, a love was shared,
And to him her soul was bared.
They both knew that whatever their fates,
They were to each other the only soul mates.

And so it went on, year after year,
Loving the feeling of just being near.
She had then such longing to feel his touch,
Just being near him was almost too much.
She dreamed of his hands caressing her hair,
Of him pulling her close and holding her there.
Feeling his lips soft on her ear,
Speaking the words she needed to hear.
So gentle he would be softly kissing her lips,
Drinking her in, slow, sensual sips.
His lips on her neck now, exploring so slow,
Their bodies pressed close now, longing to know.
Her hands about his neck, his chest, his hair,
His body against her, more than she could bear.
His hands roam her body, so hot like fire,
She arches her back, feeling such strong desire.
They look at each other without any fear,
And for the love in this moment she begins to tear.

So tender is it this bond that they share,
And they make love so slowly, taking great care.
The ecstasy of a love like this,
Can only be described as bliss.
She opens her eyes and blushes to see,
It was but a daydream of he and she.

Created by Marty

This Page made for the man
that stole my heart!!!