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Gloria's Graphics with Paint Shop Pro and Painter
And Painter


Below are links to tutorials I have written. Most do not require downloads and all allow for your own creativity. You need only have a working knowledge of Paint Shop Pro!

There are tutorials for both version 7 and version 8.

Please note: These tutorials are copyrighted! If you wish to use them for your group contact first for permission.


Please visit my daughter's site. She has some very nice products here, with more to come soon! Thanks in advance.

Tinker Tales
Visit my dog's blog.

I have just written a new tutorial for Painter8, called Let's Paint a Pansy. It can also be done in PSP with some allowances made for the brushes. Here is the link.

Drawing Dragonflies Painting Pears Shades and Highlights New! Waving Flag New!
Pretty Parasols Raspberries Charming Chapeau Victorian Shoe
Midnight Magnolia Lovely Lilacs Busy Bees Beautiful Butterly
Sunflowers Lighthouse Paint by Number Swan, version 8 Pewter Vase
Floral Brush Gorgeous Grapes Painting Ferns Glass Vase
Calla Lilly Gold Leaf Tutorial Easy Christmas Tree NEW! Jingle Bells New
Elegant Red Bow New! Let's Paint a Snow Scene NEW! Let's Paint a Hummingbird

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