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Digital Paintings

Below is a link to tutorials I have written. Most do not require downloads and all allow for your own creativity. You need only have a working knowledge of Paint Shop Pro!

Please note: These tutorial are copyrighted!! If you wish to use them for group purposes please contact me for permission.


The following pages are filled with original paintings I have created with Paint Shop Pro and more recently Corel's Painter. They are not in any particular order. I do add things frequently, so please visit often!

"Rhapsody in Blue" is the title of this painting done in PSP version 8.


I painted this in PSP version 8 and I have a tutorial showing how to create your own. Glass Vase tutorial has step by step, easy to follow instuctions. The flowers were painted with a custom brush I made. The brush instuctions are included in the tutorial.

glass vase

These pansies were painted in both Painter and PSP. I love flowers, and hope you do too.


I saw an old black and white photo of this girl. it was in terrible shape, but I decided to do a painting of her. Titled "Reflections".


Here's one I did in Painter's heavy oils. My first one with those brushes.

blue lighthouse

These Flamenco dancers were painted with the palette knives in Painter with no blending at all.


I looked up a picture of the Radio Flyer sled, and used it as a model to draw this one. Brought back some good memories. I used PSP to create this one.


A painting done in Painter 8. I'm doing a series of these and will mostly sprinkle them through the following pages in the next weeks. This one is titled "The Long Road Home."

home again

This is the second one of the series titled "The Simple Life".

simple like' border=

Another painting with version 8.


Here is a painting of the lovely Southern Magnolia. There are many shades of light blues, greys and tans in this painting, and very little pure white. Amazing, isn't it?

southern magnolia

Cardinals are such beautiful birds. He was painted in Painter, and framed in Paint Shop Pro.


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