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BaBeE LeEs SyTe

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♥ŧŋ~T DoT
♥~Đ~SePt 23
♥ ŧħů~ DeY gO fRuM gReEn To HaZeL tO bRoWn
♥fv ~PiNk!!!
♥fv мűϩ~BeAtZ!!
♥ŧŧũ~SiNgLe N nOt LoOkIn, InTo SuM1
♥߮ůħ~ BlAcK cHeRrY (PuRpLe, BlAcK & rEd)
♥ŧŋđ ŧ~ 5'3

R.I.P NONNO TIAMO 05/26/04
N3v3r say y0u
l0v3 m3,
if it isn`t r3ally th3r3.
N3v3r talk 'b0ut f33lings,
if y0u r3ally d0n`t car3.
N3v3r h0ld my hand,
if y0u'r3 g0nna br3ak my h3art.
N3v3r say y0ur g0nna,
if y0u d0nt plan t0 start.
N3v3r l00k int0 my 3y3s,
if all y0u d0 iz li3.
N3v3r say h3ll0,
if y0u r3ally m3an g00dby3.
If y0u r3ally m3an f0r3v3r,
th3n pl3as3 say y0u'll try...
N3v3r say f0r3v3r...♥
Italian pride is my mind
Italian blood is my kind
So step aside and let me through
Cuz its all about the Italian crew
Italian love is all around
My fellow Italians never let me
So show your pride and say its true
Cuz Italian blood flows through U
United we stand
Divided we fall
U can shoot one Italian
But U can't shoot us all
We R Italian
We'r full of class
Fuck wit us
We'll get the mob on your ass
Be a true Loud and Proud Italian!
♥n.i.c.k /r.o.n.a.l.d♥
♥j.e.s.s m.a.n♥
♥m.y.b.a.b.y.b.r.o.J.O.H.N.N.Y♥ If U wAnNa C sUm PiCs Go To ThAt LiNk=]
WhAt U ThInK oF mE SyTe??

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