Kottonmouth Kings and I.C.P. ~ Wicked Klowns

Kottonmouth Kings, Insane Clown Posse!!

When I get to California...

(It's on!!)

When I get there...

(Suburban Noize!!)

When I get to California...

Hook me up with one of them chicks,


And when you get to the Mid-West...

I'll hook you up with a Juggalette Y'all!

He's the Visual Assassin with the mask ????? killa

Seen him drink a lot but I Have yet to see him spill a drop,

He rap to hip-hop in his heart,

Try and Battle Pak' he'll fuckin' tear you're ass apart,

I keep my fridge stocked with plenty of Faygo,

My flow connect nice like old school Lego's,

"What's up holmes?", just a West-Coast loadie,

My Rhyme is nice, slow and stoney,

See all these Psycho Bitches gettin' so damn fanatical,

FBI got us all listed down as radicals,

Government officials takin' life long sabbaticals,

Dog Boy Rock the mic and drop something classical,

I'm with the kings ? state to state,

Dog Boy ??? set the record straight,

Fuck that bullshit that never went down,

So we come as one to fuck up your town!! (Chorus)

It's the Wickit, the Wickit, the Wickit Wickit Klowns

Blowin' smoke rings with the Kottonmouth Kings

Comin' throwin' Faygo on your town and all types of things

(Repeat Chorus)

Suburban Noize Records teamin' up with Psychopathic,

Richter let 'em know who Juggalo I got your back kid,

Kottonmouth Ninjas rocking tunes with ICP, D-Loc grab the mic and pass me the weed,

Kottonmouth Kings, and ICP,

We from the West,

They from the East,

With a bag of keif and a box of spliffs,

We mast through your city like robotic beasts,

See all ?? robots followin' the masses,

I watch the world through faygo fizzin' glasses,

Kings and the klowns droppin sellouts like acid,

Like cum on your tongue shit is getting kind of drastic,

*2 - To all unbelievers who think this is a joke,

Grab the faygo when you start to choke,

In the pit at a show come summertime,

A million juggalos to blow your fuckin mind,


*3 - True terror is back, you better believe Kottonmouth Kings, ICP

We from the West, they from the East

True terror is back, you better believe

(*3 repeats 2X)

Violent J and Shaggy stepped in the place,

And cleared the room out like nuclear waste,

Nobody likes us but the Kottonmouth Kings,

They smoke buds, I smoke little white things,

I'm a base-head feinding for your change,


And I'm Strange!

So walk in I'll put you in a torcher rack,

And blew your nut bag around like a hacky sack,

I told you "Fuck the World" and I meant it,

I owe the Government money, but I spent it,

I bought a hooker and banged her in my truck,

Yo, She probably had syphillis, I give a fuck though,

I'm gonna die, Hell we're all gonna die,

You think the juggalo give a damn? Bye!

I'm going off like a nuclear time bomb, TICK TICK BOOM! MOTHERFUCKER!,

(*1 repeats 4X)

(*3 repeats 2X)