My Information

Emperor Superballs
Spork God, Ruler Of Evil PopTarts World Wide
#1 PopTarT Castle
PastryVille, Poptartasia


My minions...I have blessed you with a site about ME!!! MUAHAHAHAHAH, Eh-hem, sorry. Are you ready to be mistified about me? and stuff I like? No?!? Too Bad!! You are stuck with it.

Poptart Enquirer: Excuse me, your Highness, May we Ask your name?

Superballs: You may, and it is Emperor Superballs, or SuperBalls, Spork God.

P.E.: Alright, Emperor SuperBalls, how did you gain control or Poptartasia?

E.S.: Well, it needed order, and calmness. I was the best candidate, and no one else wanted the role. I did.

P.E.: And how did you meet the Spork Goddess?

E.S.: Kelly? Oh, her and I go Wayy back. About three weeks back. She told me she wanted me to be her Spork God, I accepted.

P.E.: Interesting. And how did you form the royal court?

E.S.: I took worthy candidates and appointed them. They mostly take their roles seriously, although, we get carried away and go nuts everynow and then.

P.E.: Alright, can you tell us the variety of roles and positions?

E.S.: Sure, there is Fading Facades, My goddess; Mead222222, my Queen; Thatrugbyguy17, The Royal Icing Slinger; Sugar BonBon13, The Princess; Richboy224, the Prince, Cats eye26914393, Pasrty General; Spazzboy827, Poptart Pope; Linkmstrofsword, King of Poptartslyvania; MKLUEG, the Royal Assassin; Ladybug2208, the Officer of Humping; And Renygade7, the Sheriff.

P.E.: You have a large office, impressive for such a short reign time. We pray that you continue to rule us Emperor SuperBalls. And maybe we'll have another interview.

E.S.: Maybe, and thank you. (to my General: Cats Eye, see the crew out.)