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Lyrics that I have grown to like can be found here. There will be quite a few, do hang on to your horses, email me and tell wut you want to see here.

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  • BeN HaRpEr~ WaItInG On An AnGeL

    Kottonmouth Kings & ICP~ Wicked Clowns

    Kottonmouth Kings~ The Joint

    BaCkStReEt BoYs~ EvErYbOdY

    *NsYnC~ GoNe

    NiCkElBaCk~ HoW YoU ReMiNd Me

    LiNkIn PaRk~ AnD OnE

    LiNkIn PaRk~ In The EnD

    AlAbAmA~ AnGeLs AmOnG Us

    KoRn~ FaLlInG AwAy FrOm Me

    DrOwNiNg PoOl~ BoDiEs

    MiGhTy MiGhTy BoSsToNeS~ ImPrEsSion ThAt I GeT

    CrEeD~ my SaCrIfIcE

    U2~ BeAuTiFuL DaY

    MuShRoOmHeAd~ BwOmP

    MuShRoOmHeAd~ XeRoXeD

    SeVeN DuSt~ AnGeL'S SoN

    JoHn MeYeR~ WoNdErLaNd

    LiMp BiZkIt~ Red Light Green Light

    EmInEm~ WhItE AmErIcA

    EmInEm~ BuSiNeSs

    Nelly w/ Tim McGraw~ OvEr AnD OvEr

    TrIcK DaDdY, TwIsTa, LiL JoN~ LeT's Go!

    PiTBuLL~ 305 Anthem

    PiTBuLL~ DaMmIt MaN

    PeTeY PaBlO~ FrEeK-A-LeEk (Original & ReMiX)

    More To Come