My Favorite Links

Ladies and Gentlemen, you have wandered into the Realm of the Favorite Links. Prepare to be mistified and amazed at what is here. Also, when drinking and surfing the net, use common sense, don't hurt yourself, as well as others.

My Favorite Site for Home Pages

Angelfire Home Pages
AOL Hometown

ReAlLy KoOl LiNkS To ReAlLy KoOl SiTeS

Am I Phat, Pix Site, Girls Next Door, Another Pix Site, OOOOHH WEE!!
Cheat Codes Central, For your gaming needs
Dan's Comp, for your Biking needs
Face The Jury, Yet Another Pix Site,
MarVel ComIcs. Com, very kool!!
Uncanny, For All Your X-Men needs
Starfleet Tactical Forces
Star Trek: Rogue Fleet
Star Trek: Rengade Fleet