Drakus Valkor; fifth generation Tzimisce. His life has been long and full of hardships. Mainly due to the fact that he had to live in shadow, and work in the night to achieve anything. His story isn't all that unique; but it is one that he wants shared; this is tail, unfolding and growing....

At the age of 26; Drakus was already a wealthy young business man. Working for his father, a Knight for some country time forgot long ago. Raised in the times of Lords and Ladies, he knew how to speak, and whom to speak with. Slowly, his tastes drew him into the underworld. The world of Magic, Demons, and Vampires; the dark underworld. He dwealt in these forbidden realms for years. Dealing with the lowliest of low; his monetary funds growing exponentially. Until one night, he made the wrong deal with the wrong crowd.

Beaten and left for death, the now Thirty-One year old lay in a pool of his own blood. Which drew the one that would save his life; or at least, give him a "new" life. His sire gave him the chance for revenge, and he took it, too willingly. Within days, he was ready to take those that did him wrong, and he did. Regaining his fortune, and taking theirs. Leaving them for dead; he returned to his home, his Father's home. Only to be turned away.

Drakus returned to the underworld, where he has been living until recently; he turned up in London, purchased a large Estate, and begun offering refuge to those cast out like he was; only those of his kind.