Career Narrative

My name is Raymond Guzman and this is my career narrative. My career goals are vague for after high school but I do have a few ideas. I would like to become a Marine Biologist first and foremost. But, if that goal is unattainable I will try to become an Architect. At the moment all I can plan to do is pass the twelfth grade.

My main career goal is to become a Marine Biologist. I want this career because I like the water and that I could at one time, work for Sea World and swim with Shamu. To achieve this goal I will need to pass Biology in high school, and twelfth grade first. Then, in college, I will need Biology classes, Zoology classes, and Marine Biology classes, and it seems a little longer than the normal four years. To achieve this goal I will have to strive in my academics.

If I were to not reach my goal as a Marine Biologist, I will become an Architect. I have already taken drafting classes, although, I will also need Woodshop classes, and Architecture classes in high school and college. I would like to become an Architect because I like to work with my hands and I like to build items.

If I cannot achieve my first two career goals, I have a back-up plan. I will become Pilot. To become a Pilot I will need to attend flight school and earn my Pilotís license.

I believe I can achieve my goals because I am a dedicated, hard-worker. Once I have my mind set, I can accomplish my tasks easily and professionally. I believe I am a persevering, professional young man who can reach his goals with determination and precision.