Nemesis, human once again. Amazing story; but that was just the beginning. With decades of practice, he has refined his magical ability to change from Panther to Man, and back. With the help of Ciel Rikard, he has mastered the ability of combining the forms.

He vowed allegiance to the family, and has been an unofficial member. Protecting his new found friend, Jena Rikard. He has become somewhat of a player in the game; befriending elder members. Annoying others. Just like one of the family.

He protects the weak; defends the innocent; and upholds his morals, even in the face of more skilled foes. It takes a quite a bit to insult him, and a bit less to provoke him. He acts with swiftness, performing his every move with his feline grace, strength, speed, and prowess.

His weapons.....