Nemesis; the Panther

Arg, now known as Nemesis, was once a man. Many years ago, there was a young Prince, who defied a king. A king, who's dealings were with those in the dark arts. The Dark mages exacted the king's revenge. A curse that should have killed him, changed him. As the energy from the curse hit him, he was standing over his kill. An abnormally large Panther. The life forces of the man and beast intertwined, his body was hit with the magical blast.

Arg's natural body now damaged, he and the Panther became one. Man and beast forming a perfect alliance. The large cat stood up, and they were one. Exacting his revenge on all of the Dark Magi that performed the curse. The newbound alliance prevented magical harm, and all physical damage healed in a quarter of the time.

He entered the castle of his uncle, Moving along the dark, dank halls. His yellow eyes filled with fire and hatred. His path was taking him to the Throne room. He entered, not recieving any interference, all the guards fled as the spectre of death was upon them. He dined on his uncle's flesh, and left the kingdom in shambles.

He has been training himself in the ways of the magical arts, over the years, attempting to learn how to change himself into a man once again. All attempts have failed to regain his previous form. Until he came across a rune teaching the art of shapeshifting. He has since become an amatuer, changing his form into various others for minutes at a time. He still practices this art, in the solitude of his den.

Wandering the world for many years, he came upon the youthful form of Jena Rikard. Newfound happiness reached him, and he calmed. His feral ways becoming dormant. Following her into the darkened Rikard Graveyard, he became a friend; a talking Panther.

After many ages of taking baby steps with his shape shifting, he finally attempted a full change. From Panther to Man.

  • Flapjack McQwack: ::Where Nemesis sat, he growled softly, chanting to himself. His eyes glowing a soft yellow, changing to a blue.::

  • Flapjack McQwack: ::His body growing, fur shortening. His ears shrinking into his head; face and paws changing shape. Legs growing, joints changing. He growled louder, it was a painful experience.::

  • Flapjack McQwack: ::His body lengthening, paws now appearing and hands and feet. Fur changing into clothing. Where moments ago stood a Panther, now stood a man. Nemesis had performed a shape shift.::

  • Flapjack McQwack: ::He climbed to his feet, looking at his hands, his body, then Neville.:: There was a time, when I was a man. By the dark arts, I had been cursed, and changed.

  • Flapjack McQwack: It's been many, many moons. I had practiced. I regret that I can not teach this, because I'm not sure I can keep this form.

  • Ciel Rikard: :: she looked to nemesis moving to him she lay a hand to his arm he felt a surge of power run through his body and the form he now took steady and stayed ::

  • Flapjack McQwack: ::He nodded to Ciel.:: Thank you, M'Lady.

  • Ciel Rikard: :: she now leaned against one stone:: now you can shift between the two at your choice

  • Flapjack McQwack: ::He laughed softly.:: No offense, m'lady. But I intended to, and many more. ::At that he winked::

  • Ciel Rikard: but the panther shall always be apart of you that i can't rid only make the curse more flexiable to your needs

    The Evolution