(The scene opens up in an empty field. The camera pans around to a sign that reads "Welcome to the Cargisle Fairgrounds" where the Bloodstock pay per view is being held later in the week. The camera shows a few birds flying around in the sky and some dry dirt blowing up from the ground as the wind picks up a bit. The leaves are starting to change a different color in some trees as Fall is finally in the air. The air is crisp and cool almost refreshing from the hot summer preceeding the beginning of Autumn. The camera pans around again to the stadium off in the distance that all fairgrounds have.)

***Camera picks up speed***

(The camera almost simultaneously approaches the front of the stands as it slows back to normal speed and pans up the middle isle of stairs in the bleachers. A tall blond haired man in a black leather trench coat and black dress pants complete with a light blue button-up shirt and cane in hand can be seen standing at the top of the bleachers. It's none other then Trevor Justice. Justice moves from the center isle and works his way over to one of the benches and takes a seat resting the cane in front of him between his legs. Justice takes in a long deep breath and slowly blows it out as a smile comes on his face.)


Smell that fresh air of an open field. The smell of autumn just beginning to become noticeable as the seasons change. The sounds of birds chirping and the wind being heard blowing through the leaves. It's peaceful and relaxing. But in a matter of four days all that smell and all those sounds will be drowned out by thousands of GWA fans filing in through those gates to see one hell of a pay per view entitled "Bloodstock." This open field will be overrun by the ring set up down there in the middle and chairs to accomodate the fans coming to see a great show. I'll admit it back when LaW was shutting down I never would have dreamed that GWA, my first home, would buy LaW out and open back up again. I had my doubts of GWA being successful in these times. LaW had many problems financially and when it came to talent but Shawn really came through again and knew how to get his product to appeal to the people. Shawn has put on many great cards and keep the fans coming back for more. Leaving them with a thirst for more like vampires drawn in for the last drop of sweet nectre of blood.


Blood. A lot of blood is going to be shed this Sunday I can tell you that. From the main event of Ice and Inferno to even the three way dark match. There is a lot of hatred between Ice and Inferno and those two will be going at each other tearing each other apart and making one another bleed. Personally I can't wait to see the O'Reilly and Mason match. I hope that O'Reilly can teach that little punk Mason a lesson this Sunday and make his little body bleed till the last drop of blood has been splattered. Make him feel all the pain that he has cause my daughter in the past O'Reilly. Give him hell! Enough about everyone else though. Lets get on to more pressing matters.

(Trevor opens his coat and pulls out a small flask and opens it. Taking a swig of whatever is inside and closing it back up before putting it back in his pocket. The smile once on Trevors face is now gone as he looks directly into the camera with a serious look on his face.)


Enough of these games children. Yes I am referring to the other two teams that are in this little Triple Threat Tag Match at Bloodstock. First team consists of two lil boys that have been a pain in my knee and a headache for Kayleigh this entire month. Those boys are Roman Tate and Neil Overstreet. These two have been attacking Kayliegh and I since day one of Overstreets return here to GWA and fighting like cowards. I'd feel pretty damn good of my chances heading into a tag match for the belts if I tried to demolish the champions before the final confrontation takes place but what they have failed to realize is that I have not been demolished. I'm still standing even if I need assistance from this cane. It will take more then a couple blows to my knee from a lead pipe to keep me from defending these belts on Sunday. Oh and Tate who was right? I believe it was I who knew of your "plans" that were non existant according to you back before the show on the 22nd. Not befriending Overstreet? You didn't fool anyone. Everyone knew you two were nothing more then old jerk off buddies and it was time to help each other out. Overstreet obviously couldn't handle me on his own during his return so you and him cut a deal to try and take me out just so you could both get a shot at the gold my daughter and I carry because you think you are worthy enough to step into that ring with me and my daughter and try to take these belts from us. You couldn't compete in the singles competition and sure as hell couldn't get yourself a shot at any of the other titles so why not make an impact on the tag champions and impress Shawn while you're at it? Sounds like something I would do except for one thing. I wouldn't fight like a coward to impress the boss. I'd fight head on and not take any cheap shots to get where you want to be and thats in my shoes. I can sense the jealousy in you. It boils your blood that some "old guy in his 40's" can still dish out the pain and still compete in the wrestling world. You're jealous that I have accomplished more then you ever have in your so called wrestling career. I have held more titles then you ever will. I have seen more wrestlers come and go and that only makes me stronger. Gains more experience under my belt for when the time comes to face someone like yourself I am ready mentally and physically. Yeah you blew my knee out big deal. It is going to take WAY more then that to keep me from delivering a boot to your face or driving your neck and spine down on the mat when I hit the Justifier on you. You had better run scared little man. Bring that lead pipe with you because that will give you the only chance of even coming close to beating me because you can't amount to a damn thing in this federation and after Sunday I will make you realize how deep you dug your own grave and I will bury you deep down in the pits of hell when I get through with you.

(Trevor grabs his cane again and stands up walking back out to the aisle and starts to make his way down the steps slowly. As he reaches the bottom he leans up against the railing and looks back into the camera.)


Neil, Neil, Neil...Look how far you've come since the first time I have stepped into that ring with you. absolutely no where. You have proven absolutely nothing besides the fact that you know how to sneek around and get other people to do the dirty work for you. Tate is the one carrying your team and it shows. Tate is the mastermind behind all the schemes you two play and it's time the games stop this Sunday. Wow I will admit I am impressed that you can torture an innocent girl and give her a concussion. It takes a lot of muscle to get that kind of work done. Not to mention pissing off that girls father. You've really got your point across that you can't get a damn thing done when it comes to fighting someone your own size and must fight people women in order to rack up the points in your win column but come this Sunday it's time the men come back to play little Overstreet. This Sunday you don't only have to worry about me you have to worry about two others as well. Do you think you can handle it because in this past month I've come to the conclusion that you cannot. You have to have Tate hold your hand every step you take. You have to let Tate do all the talking for you. Is that the kind of team you really want to be a part of? He is doing nothing but taking advantage of you and exploiting you to his and only his benefit. Even if you DO win this weekend I'm gonna hate to see you two as champions when you realize Tate only did it because he knew he could brainwash you and use your strength to his advantage. Grow some brains Neil before it's too late and you hate yourself for thinking you actually had a friend. It's just a matter of time before Tate turns on you.

(Trevor turns now as his long black limo starts to pull in through the gate seen off in the distance. The limo stops just inside the gate as Trevor starts to make his way over.)


Sanders and Putteet. I don't know much about either of you other then the fact that you two really push your luck when it comes to my daughter. Sanders, Kay really has some beef with you and now that this is a tag match I've got some beef with you and it's time to settle this once and for all. I'm going to teach you a lesson in the art of treating women with respect. You caused my daughter a lot of grief if your past between each other and it's time I put that to rest as well. I haven't seen your work and quite frankly I don't even want to watch tapes of you in action. You don't impress me and you sure as hell don't scare me so come this Sunday I'll just let the shit fly and see what happens. You think just because I walk around with this cane that it means I am limited in what I am able to do? I think not my friend the only reason I have this cane is to get through the tough times of my knee bein torn apart but when it comes down to the pay per view I won't even need it. The adrenaline everyone feels right before they walk out from gorilla position will fill my body enough to almost miraculously heal my knee and I'll run my ass down to that ring and take care of you personally. This cane is not a sign of weakness at all. I couldn't be more ready for this match mentally then I am right now. You've angered the giant and now it's time for you to feel the same pain you put Kay through in the physical form! As for the mention of fear in my daughters voice? I don't see one ounce of fear in her entire body. She has never been more ready for a fight then she is this weekend. Kayleigh is not the one running scared it is you my friend that is scared. Scared that this "old timer" and that so called "slut bag" will actually defeat you and your goon of a partner come this Sunday at Bloodstock. It still amazes me how you got yourselves into this match considering the week before the pay per view you magically show up with your friend Putteet and get a little angered by the gay oriented jokes made by Tate backstage. Yeah you earned your shot at revenge against them and they just so happened to be already booked in a match against Kay and myself for the tag gold so by the luck of the draw you magically become number one contenders as well. You didn't earn jack shit and come this Sunday I will show you that you AREN'T a higher caliber then us cause if you were you would be the ones with the tag titles around your waists and not ours. As for Putteet you made the mistake of joining up with Sanders. That was your number one mistake. When that bell rings it is time for you to get a real welcoming into the world that is wrestling and I am your welcomer.

(Trevor opens the door to the limo and sits down putting his cane down on the floor and grabbing the handle of the door looking back at the camera.)


Be prepared gentleman because the games are over. It's time for the fight to begin and in the end when all the dust clears, Kayleigh and myself will be the ones with our hands raised in the air and you four will be scattered amongst our feet lying in your own pools of blood and sweat.

(Trevor slams the door shut as the limo starts back up. The limo begins to drive off and turns around going back out the gates. The dust from the field is stirred back up in the air again as the limo drives off into the distance. The camera pans up into the sky again as a crow flys overhead and the scene fades to black.)