This is a heartwrenching tale of adultery, child custody, and a corrupt government.

In May 1997 Evan met Sarah, a young 14 year old girl. He was only 15. After a year of dating, she became pregnant with their first child Christopher and gave birth to him on March 18 1999. They relied heavily upon Evan's family to help take care of the baby so they could go to school and work. She chose to drop out of high school (she was in her freshman year). Sarah told Evan that because she 'had' to drop out, he did too and so he did. After having Chris, she wanted to go back to school with a ring on her finger so Evan became engaged to her. His life revolved around keeping her happy so he could be with his son. She became pregnant again, because she wanted a little girl, after Evan's sister had her daughter. She delivered another son on October 4th 2000.They were married on April 8th 2001. She again became pregnant and again, delivered a son on January 11th 2003. Evan worked very hard providing for his family and had went into the military in October 2001.

In November 2003, Evan had to be shipped to serve our country in our war efforts. Before he had left they bought a computer so they could stay connected to family. While he was serving, his wife was here in the states cheating on him. Evan's family became concerned and Sarah told them she was being faithful. All but one person believed her. She had come to stay with Evan's family in another state and was carrying on affairs with other men while there. On the DAY Evan returned home from the war, his wife of three years left him, for another soldier. She did not want her children at all. This other man, Michael, was not, nor has he ever been, reprimanded for sleeping with another soldier's wife. The divorce was finalized after less than four months. As soon as the divorce was final, she married the man she had committed adultery with. She was already 2/3 months pregnant with Mike's illegitimate child when the divorce was final. She also had decided she wanted to share the children with their father. When he showed up to get his kids, Sarah would call the people above Evan and make accusations that he was either harrassing her or threatening her. He was there to get his children. She made it to where, he had to bring an officer with him to get and/or see his sons. Shortly, thereafter, she brought children services into the picture. There was trash stacked outside his doors and his house was not the way they wanted it. So, they decided he could not take his children out of Sarah's home. Sarah would not let Evan see his children or talk to them on the phone. Her new husband and her were teaching Evan's three boys that Mike was their new father. Fast forward to march, two months after the child services stuff. Sarah takes Evan to court to get full custody giving him no rights to his children at all. The Judge tells Evan to get a lawyer and come back to fight for visitation. Evan cannot afford a lawyer to fight. The military is in no way helping him. Sarah is angry that Evan is in love and engaged to another woman, so she is attacking him by taking away his children. This means that because his ex wife is jealous, she is taking away his kids. Because he cannot afford a lawyer, the judge is also denying him his children. Sarah also will not let anyone in Evan's family see or talk to the boys if they disagree with her or anything she has done. She has always used her sons as pawns. It is very sad. Please consider making a donation so we can help Evan get a lawyer and get his children back!

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