Stringer of Michigan Perch



Black Crappie

Jeff Lamakus' fat small mouth

Pair of Smallies

Another stringer mount of fall perch...

...or go solo


Bass Chasing Frog

Bass in Glass Enclosure

Bass in Glass Enclosure

Splashing Bass

White Crappie


Largemouth Bass Chasing Baby Duck


Bass and Bluegill

Stringer of Perch

Smallmouth Bass

Largemouth Bass


Stringer of Perch

27" Lake Erie Bowfin

52" Muskie

41" Muskie

This custom mounted , customer's Brown Trout, took 3rd in the Masters and won Taxidermist's choice "Best Fish" at the 2014 Taxidermy Championships.

Brown Trout

Fall run King

Pair of Palaminos
Matt Horning, my most patient customer, caught this pair. One is a skin mount, can you tell which?

Jake Huth, tournament fisherman, caught this 41" Summer King ..Way to go Jake!

Summer King

River Run King


Remember the old days of fish head mounts? We still do them.

24" Rainbow Trout

Steelhead Close-up



Northern Pike

This was our 2009 entry at the Ohio Taxidermy Championships.
A Steelhead with a custom reproduced lamprey.
Once again, this is a customer's fish.

Spawning Steelhead


Palomino Trout

Brook Trout



Brook Trout


Lake Trout

Palomino Trout

King Salmon

40" King Salmon

Jimmy holding a giant Bass. Ever see a "bucket mouth" like this? We can do one for you!

This 54" custom molded reproduction of a 61lb grass carp, won Joe Killiany and his wife 1st place and cash in a 2013 Bow Fishing Tourney.

The whole Killiany family

Small Mouth Bass

Small Mouth Bass

Spawning Coho

Spawning Coho

Red Fish

Red Fish

Steel Head

Steel Head

Spawning male Co Ho

Close up

Blue gill under glass - We sell em.


Reproduction Large Mouth Bass

Reproduction Large Mouth Bass

44 inch lake trout replica

Custom reproduction steel head and lamprey

Custom molded replica of King Mackerel

Custom cast 17 inch rock greenling.

Sand Shark with actual teeth!

42 Inch King Salmon

Close up of King Salmon

20" White Crappie

Jim Novak's 23 Inch Smallie

34" Halibut with Sand Base

Close Up of Halibut Head

Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout

Blue Marlin

Channel Catfish

27" Largemouth Bass

Sand Shark

Lake Trout Chasing Shad

8' Nurse Shark

Smallmouth Bass

Arctic Greyling

Smallmouth Bass

Albino Goldfish





Albino Catfish

Even though we specialize in fish mounts, we also take in a limited amount of deer each season.



Young hunter Clemons with his button buck.

Clemons, two years older and his buck two years bigger.

Notice active footprints from young buck hooves.

Two fine P.A. deer.

A fine Ohio deer

Danny Williams, former position coach with the Cleveland Indians, picks up his 2009 kill.

Check out the t-shirt that faithful customer Cory McNatt received with his 2009 kill.


Kids count too. This is a customer's grandson's 1st fish!

Cory Lockey, proud Army Reservist, picks up his Brook Trout. Thanks Cory for your service!

Long time friend and neighbor Slammin Richy Vozar picks up his deer.


Harmony and her new pet.

Bear over Sockeye

Bear over Sockeye

Presenting the "Big Bass" trophy to Matt Robins and Mike Miller, the overall big bass winner 4.88 lbs. at the Mosquito Madness.
Rory Franks of runs a top notch tourney.

Fun competing with something other than a fish, bear took a 2nd in the 2013 Championship.

Marshall Pennington

Low Flying Blue bill

It was a great honor to mount this black duck for #73 Joe Thomas of the Cleveland Browns. The mount was complete with splash effect.

When Jack Sedlak, manager of Sedlak Interiors, requested that I paint his first ever fish carving, I jumped at the chance. It took eight months to carve this bonefish by hand.

Ring Neck Pheasant

59 inch Hayden (Newney) Hoffman picks up his 44 inch Laker, while his dad is 'requesting' me.

Dan Abruzzino, our 2011 Father's Day winner on WFHM 95.5 the Fish, though it was hot and slow, Captain Walt Morris of Fishin' Boat Charters put him on the eyes.

Tom McNeil picks up his wife's Canadian walleye.

Special thanks to 11 year coast guard veteran John Able of Kodiak, Alaska. He shipped his trophy Rock Greenling to me and it did well in the 2011 Ohio Championship.

Thanks, Bryce Lunde, for the use of your brown trout; it took 3rd in Master's.

My Russian brother, Roman, knows ice fishing.

Craig Lewis, owner of Erie Outfitters, introduced me to Kino, a three time purple heart recipient and Iraqi War veteran. Kino honored me with a U.S. flag that flew in Iraq, Kuwait, and Saddam Hussein's home town. Kino is a hero, and we must make heroes of the right people.

Special thanks to John Shinsky for the use of his fine Brookie. It took 2nd in the masters at the 2011 competion.

Amanda Reinke gets her large King delivered.

Priddy family picks up a summer's worth of fun.

Bo Beegle picks up his 48" Muskie.
Bo knows his fishin!

Tom Beckman with his 33" steelhead replica.

Jared Jones hauls in a keeper aboard Fishin' Boat Charters.

Little Noah picks up his Rainbow.

Sean Cassidy picks up his one day catch.

Paul Hrnchar, owner of Strongsville Dodge, picks up his two walleye remembering his special day on Lake Erie.

Check Out This Engraving on Paul's Two Walleye Mount.


Sam Katona Picks Up His 15" Rainbow.

Jeff presents Jamie Norman, winner of the "Big Bass" award, for his 5.52 lb. fish caught at the 16th annual Apple Valley Fish Club spring tournament.

2009 Taxidermy Show



Happy Sockeye


Giant Bluegill


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