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Course Assignments/Projects

News & Views 10 points each...15 Total…150 points…Due each weekThis assignment will provide you an opportunity to examine current issues in the field, articulate $ share your opinions & reactions with colleagues.

History of Public Library Newspaper Article 100 points Due January 30

Sometime in your career you're bound to be asked to contribute to the local newspaper. Here's your chance to practice.

Programming & Marketing Collection – 100 points Due
Librarians learn best from one another and are known for collecting and using ideas from all over. This assignment will give you a start to your own collection.

25 Questions –50 points

You'll get into this at a much deeper level, but here's a taste of the meat and potatoes of public library work...answering questions.

Reference Question Survey: 25 points

What’s it really like out there? How well do libraries answer these two questions?

"What year did Van Gogh paint the picture of the crows in the cornfield?

"I need a list of the books Ed McBain has written…in order.

LSTA Mini-Grant Application100 points

Here's your chance to get $15,000.00 for the library.

Book Discussion Programs 20 each – 100 total
1 Adult Fiction title plus picks from different genres
The makings of the "12 X 12" program.
2 Early Reader Books – 1 YA Fiction – 1 - Children's Book. The makings of the "90 Books In 90 Minutes" program.

Library Service Inventory –25 points

What’s happening in your library & others in Ohio. This inventory will give us a look.

Ten Minute Tutors 10 points each – 160 total

This assignment gives you a chance to put newly learned OPLIN database skills to work.

Collection Policy Sample 10 points

You can’t do business without it. Your sample will be part of a larger policy collection.

Internet Policy Sample 10 points

Every library has to have one. Your sample will add to a good collection.

Policy Samples 20 points

They’re what makes everything tick. The samples you gather will contribute to a larger, helpful collection.Sample Program 100 points

Programs are fun to plan & present. Here’s a chance to put your creativity to work & create one yourself. Referrence Collection Development 100 points

With $15,000…two internet terminals & access to the OPLIN databases, you have to rebuild your libraries reference collection.

Total Points Possible – 1000


Grades are determined based on the number of points earned on each project or paper, plus attendance. Your participation and own learning is largely determined by you...the work is a means to that end.
1000 - 900 points - A
890 - 700 points - B
690 - 600 points - C

Attendance is very important but things to come up. Please let me know if you won't be able to come to class. Things come up and I'm pretty