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Course Assignments/Projects

News & Views 10 points each…160 points

This assignment will provide you an opportunity to examine current issues in the field, articulate and share your opinions & reactions with colleagues via the wonder of electronic listservs.

Select a journal, newspaper or magazine article, published within the last 18 months, that addresses a trend, issue, event or aspect of public library service or philosophy. Topics may be selected from class discussions or your own interest. Follow the format sheet (discussed first night of class) and prepare to share an abstract and reaction to the article you've chosen.

History of Public Library Newspaper Article 100 points

Sometime in your career you’re bound to be asked to contribute to the local newspaper. Here's your chance to practice. You've been asked to write a short article outlining the history of your library for submission to the "All About Town" section of the local newspaper.

Requirements: Prepare a 1-2 page history of the library article complete with significant dates, people and events. Be as creative as you'd like, but stick to the facts. Please bring a copy for each class member and instructor.

Programming & Marketing Collection – 100 points
Librarians learn best from one another and are known for collecting and using ideas from all over. This assignment will give you a start to your own collection.
Requirements: Visit your library and gather an assortment of examples of their marketing and PR efforts. How does this library let the public know what, when & where they have services & programs available.

25 Questions –50 points

You'll get into this at a much deeper level, but here's a taste of the meat and potatoes of public library work...answering questions.
Requirements: Answer the 25 questions on the sheet using print resources…then using web resources. Come prepared to share the answers and sources in class.

Reference Question Survey: 25 points

What’s it really like out there? Call or visit one of the libraries from our list…& ask them the following question…"I’m doing a paper on Vincent Van Gogh & need to know when he painted several of his paintings. Can you help? I specifically need to know when he painted "Crows" & "View from Window".

How’d they do? Take notes on your experience & come prepared to discuss what you found.

LSTA Mini-Grant Application100 points

Here's your chance to get $15,000.00 for the library.
Requirements: Follow the State Library of Ohio's guidelines and write a winning grant proposal.

Book Discussion Programs 20 each – 100 total
Adult Fiction –1

YA Fiction – 1

Children's Book –1

Early Reader Books - 2

Part of being part of the public library team is helping people find good things to read.
Requirements: Read one each of the books listed and prepare a book review using the format provided in class. Plus…this is the foundation for a couple of cool program ideas.

Library Service Inventory –25 points

What’s happening in your library

Requirements: Visit the library & take an inventory of ALL the different services they provide. Just what do patrons get when they visit? Come prepared to share with class. .

Ten Minute Tutors 10 points each – 160 total




Colliction Policy Sample 10 points

You can’t do business without them. Collect a sample of your own & bring it to class to compare.




Internet Policy Sample 10 points

Every library has to have one. Pick from our list & let’s see what this cross section provides.




Policy Samples 20 points

They’re what makes everything tick. Find a sample for each of the following policies every library should have.



Sample Program 100 points

Have some fun in planning a short 30-60 minute program for kids, YA, or Adults. Bring your idea to class & let’s put them together for all to use.




Referrence Collection Development $15,000.00 assignment 100 points

There’s only so much money to go around…what will you spend it on? You have a chance to completely revamp your libraries reference collection. With $5,000…two internet terminals…the OPLIN databases…what are you going to do?



Library Comparison Activity

Total Points Possible - 1000
Grades are determined based on the number of points earned on each project or paper, plus attendance. Your participation and own learning is largely determined by you...the work is a means to that end.
1000 - 900 points - A
890 - 700 points - B
690 - 600 points - C

Attendance is very important but things to come up. Please let me know if you won't be able to come to class. Things come up and I'm pretty flexible.