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Hey...Get a Load of This!

Don't have time to find your own article to read...try one of these.

Courtesy of the Public Library Class...Kent State University School of Library & Infomation Science - Spring 2006 -

1. Kent State library school plans program expansion. Library Journal, 06/01/84, Vol. 109 Issue 10, p1064, 1/9p; (AN 7493327)
2. Denver Reengineers. By: Sarling, Jo. Library Journal, Summer2005 Net Connect, Vol. 130, p12-14, 2p, 1c; (AN 17622012)
3. SHOPPING FOR INFORMATION. By: Tenopir, Carole; Baker, Gayle; Robinson, William. Library Journal, 5/15/2005, Vol. 130 Issue 9, p34-48, 11p, 1 chart; (AN 17050923)
4. VIRTUAL REFERENCE: ALIVE & WELL. By: Bailey-Hainer, Brenda. Library Journal, Jan2005, Vol. 130 Issue 1, p46-47, 2p, 1 graph; (AN 15693618)
5. School Librarians Seek 100% Inclusion in 65% Solution. By: Goldberg, Beverly. American Libraries, Jan2006, Vol. 37 Issue 1, p19-21, 3p; (AN 19368287)