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Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2000 16:03:32 -0400
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"Accreditation:  Retool It or Kill It," Blaise Cronin, Library Journal, June 15, 2000, p.54
    Discusses the lack of consistancy in and issues surrounding the accreditation process used for schools of information and library science.  The article points out items such as the Committee on Accreditation (COA)'s refusal to produce the criteria on which their decisions are based, the drop in major private universities that have library schools, and suggested changes for the accreditation process.
My Opinions
    Before I read this article, I didn't realize that the ALA's 1992 Standards for Accreditation had much to do with a university's desire to house a school of library science or not.  I knew that there is a lack of library schools (at least in Ohio-we have only ONE accredited MLS school!)  I didn't know why.  I figured there was not enough demand for other universities to keep their library schools running.  According to this article, it seems that the Accreditation Standards don't seem to fit with many universities' ideas, so they just drop the program altogether.  The article brought up the question, "Why is this outside group (COA) able to control the number and type of programs a university offers?"  I think that's a good question.  I agree with Cronin that the ALA seems to be actually strangling the profession that there are supposed to be protecting!
    I think this is a good article for people relatively new to the library field who lack knowledge in the behind-the-scenes politics that go on in the library world.  I found this article to interesting and informative.
Ellen Gee
Children's Librarian


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