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 Kent State University - School of Library and Information Science

The Public Library - SLIS 60608
 Summer Term 1999

Internet Home Page Review

Public libraries are making their presence known on the Web in increasing numbers.  Large and small they are found but what makes them someplace a patron might want to use?  Are they a useful and complementary tool for library users?  This assignment asks you to examine and determine for yourself a set of Ohio Public Library pages....

Select ten Ohio Public Library home pages and answer the following questions in regards to each site:

Don't forget to include the name and URL of each site you're reviewing!

1.  Doe the site have a Webmaster and can they be contacted?
2.  Does the site show evidence that it is updated on a regular basis?
3. How is the overall organization of the site?  Good...bad...exemplary?
4. Does the site provide access or show evidence of resource sharing for library patrons?  Does it have an on-line catalog?  Access to databases and other electronic resources?
5.  What (if any) unique qualities or information does the site provide?