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Hands On Science With Everyday Objects


 Program Outline:
Hands On Science With Everyday a flexible, fun and easy to produce program that can be a timely subsitution for traditional story hour or stand on its own as a seperate program.

Hands On Science With Everyday Objects....for both kids and adults.  In works best when the whole family is present.

Age Group:
Hands On Science With Everyday best with kids between 4 and 9 years old...roughly Kindergarten through Fourth Grade.  These kids are used to listening and participating in classroom type programs, they respond to opportuities to participate and they don't know everything yet...they are still interested in what you're doing.

Audience Size:
Ideally...Hands On Science With Everyday Objects works best with and audience of 15 - 20 so as to allow for maximum participation...but 50, 60 and more often show up.  Just adapt and NEVER TURN ANYONE AWAY.

Hands On Science With Everyday Objects...requires very little set-up.  A large table and access to water are all you need on site.  Chairs are arranged in back of the room to allow for lots of space for the children to sit on the floor up front.

Here's a diagram to give an idea of what the room looks like.


  * * * KIDS * * * * 
  * * *  ON * * * * *
  * * * FLOOR* * * 
  * * * * * * * * * * *



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