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The Librarians'Toolkit
"What you need...When you need it!"
Library Programs & Development/Consulting Services - State Library of Ohio
"The Librarians' Librarians"

GOVERNANCE: Directors & Trustees Working Together
Books -  Search the State Library catalog or Southeastern Regional Database (or order the copy you need by contacting our Inter-Library Loan department at 1-800-686-1532
1. Selecting a Library Director
Friends of the Library Development and Services Library, 1998, Jack Cole & S. Mahmoodi
2. Model Policies for Small and Medium Public Libraries
Jeanette Larson, Herman L. Totten, 1998
Articles - To order a copy of an article call ILL at 1-800-686-1532.  Highlighted titles will take you directly to the full text article.
1. Tips for Trustees: Now That I'm On The Board, What Do I Do?
Directions for Utah Libraries, v.5, p.4, May 1993
2. Taking Charge of Micromanagers.
 American Libraries v.30, p26-28, February 1999, Larry Corbus
3. Focus on Trustees: Do You See Your Board Here?
 Rural Library Service Newsletter, v.9, p.3, Nov/Dec 1998,  David Miller
4. Steps in Writing Policies
 Courtesy Pam Hoesmann
5. "Don't We Have A Policy On That?" Simple Steps for Writing Standard Library Policies
Jay Burton, State Library of Ohio
Internet Links
1. Nebraska Library Commission -
2. Sample Library Policies -

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