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Natural Language Search…– A young horseman -to-be wants information on horsemanship …

Search Term: Horsemanship

What Happened?

What happens if you just want...


Magazines & Pictures

Magazines, Pictures & Transcripts


Natural Language Search…–"Can you help me find some magazine articles about stamp collecting?"…

Search Term: Stamp Collecting

What Happened?

What happens if you want to check...


Reading Level


Boolian Search– A 9th grader has a report due on the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Search Term: Pearl Harbor and Attack

What Happened?



What happens when you do this search & narrow it to just...

Magazines & Pictures

Boolian Search– A gentleman needs information about border collies and sheep dog trials…

Search Term: Border Collies and Sheep Dog Trials

What Happened?

Boolian Search–Someone wants an article or two about the green berets in Afghanistan…

Search Term: Green Berets and Afghanistan

What Happened?


He wants to know about their weapons…what happens if you add a word?

Green Berets (anywhere) and Afghanistan (anywhere) and weapons (anywhere)


Boolian Search…– Another request for info on stamp collecting? They

Know there are articles in "Boys Life".

Search Term: Stamp* and Collecting Magazine: Boys Life


Boolian Search…– A baseball fan wants some information about Yogi Berra and the New York Yankees…but just from the New York Times in the last 7 years?

Search Term: Yogi Berra and Yankees

What Happened?


Boolian Search…– An avid gardener wants any & all articles written Roger Swain.

Search Term-Author: Roger Swain

What Happened?


Boolian Search…– A local chef needs information on sourdough cooking?

Search Term: Sourdough and Cooking

What Happened?




Boolian Search…– Now he wants a recipe for the starter? He thinks you’re wonderful. Why not try the search in "Countryside & Small Stock Journal"?

Search Term: Sourdough and Starter Magazine: Countryside & Small Stock Journal

What Happened?

Boolean Search

A young farmer read an article called "When Darwin visits the family farm"…He can’t remember what it was in but knows it was a magazine.

Search Term: Title and magazines

What Happened?


Boolean Search

A patron heard a story on NPR about Hollywood & the military cooperating with them on Pearl Harbor…can you find it?

Search Term: pearl harbor and Hollywood and NPR

What Happened?


Boolean Search

A frantic mother needs info about Marilyn Manson…her daughter has tickets to his next concert.

Subject Search – Marilyn Manson

What Happened?




A student doing a science paper needs pictures of the space shuttle.

Search Term: space shuttle

What Happened?




A beekeeper would like a picture of some beehives

Search Term: bees or beekeeping or beehives

What Happened?




A fifth grader needs a good map of Alaska for a report…

Search Term: Alaska and just click map

What Happened?


Publication Search:

What magazines are indexed that have to do with woodworking?

Search – All: woodworking

What Happened?





On Your Own:


1. 5th grader needs info on the Wright Brothers and their first airplane.



2. A guy wants articles about both the B-24 & the B-17 Bomber. Any pictures would be helpful too.


3. The local Baptist minister wants information on the Wiccan religion.



4. A gardener knows of an article by Roger Swain about building a raspberry trellis. Can you find it?


5. A woman wants information on keeping bees as a hobby…how to start, etc.



6."Roger Ebert wrote an interesting article about Steven Speilberg as a cover story in Time…or maybe it was Newsweek…or maybe US News…can you find it for me?"



7. A young farmer read an article called "When Darwin visits the family farm"…He can’t remember what it was in but knows it was a magazine.



8. A patron heard the movie "Memento" is based on a short story. He thinks it’s called Memento something. Can you find it?



  1. Are there any magazines that ELECTRIC LIBRARY indexes that have to do with gardening?


  3. A guy wants a poem about border collies by Baxter Black. He heard it on NPR.