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Check Your Email

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OPLIN Pine email account:
To connect, follow these steps:

1. start telnet

2. At the login and password prompts, enter your userid/login and password and press the ENTER key after each entry

3. If you see the prompt TERM—(vt100), press the ENTER key.

4. At the prompt, type in pine and press the ENTER key.

To disconnect, follow these steps:

1. When you’re finished using Pine e-mail, press Q at the Main Menu.

2. When you see the prompt, "really quit Pine?" in the lower left corner, press Y

3. Next, you’ll see a prompt. Type exit and press the Enter key.

OPLIN POP email account - OR - any POP email account

(POP email accounts are those you get to through a browser):

E-mail Anywhere
Free access to POP3 email accounts. Also offers web-based email.

Mail2Web -
This simple and easy to use site provides web based access to you POP3 account. Does not require sign-up and offers a secure connection.

Mail Cafe -
You can check your e-mail from any web-connected computer in the world. No registration is required.

Free Email Guide: Free Web-based POP3 Readers - Guide to free web-based POP3 reader service providers available worldwide.

Alternative Mail -
Simple, fast way to read your mail - no sending capabilities.

MailGet -
Nifty Canadian site to check your POP email. No signup required.

WWWMailer -
Allows you to send and receive your POP3 mail. Simple, fast interface.

Joybox -
Check your POP3 email. Offers neat, fast interface and secure connection. -
Free service to check your POP3 mail. No signup required.

Popular Mail Services:

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