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Using URL's ...Time to Exercise!

After you type in the URL...follow the links to get to the information you want.

1. Here's what you want to help a high school senior find information on Hantivirus Pulmonary Syndrome

Health Information -->
Additional Disease Areas -->:
Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome -->
All About Hantavirus : Cause, prevalence and prevention information
2. You've assigned your third graders a report due the various state symbols of Ohio. Here's a good spot for them to work with.

Discover Ohio -->
Facts About Ohio -->
Ohio Citizen's Digest
3. You'd like your class to read and compare a copy of the President's remarks at Arlington National Cemetary with the Gettysburg address. Give them a gentle nudge in the right direction by going here.

White House Virtual Library -->
All Whitehouse Features Combined -->
Set the date and use the search term ARLINGTON
4. High school economics project - Just where could a small business owner find information on financing a new business?</5>

Financing your business

5. You decide to work in baseball stats with your math instruction. What a great way to keep track of the Reds!

Major League Baseball -->
Nation League
6. You've found the Newbery Winners with help from the librarian. Now you need to find a copy of the Ohio Buckeye Book Awards and criteria. You'd also like the logo.

Awards -->
Buckeye Children's Book Award
7. A student is working on a presentation on goats. There are plenty of titles on goats in the library...but everything is loaned out. Here's how you can help.

Electronic Zoo -->
Small Ruminants-->
8. Some kids are doing a geography project by planning a ski vacation to Park City, Utah. How far is it from Columbus and what's the latitude and logitude?

How Far Is It?

9. What is esperanto? Your principal has asked you to teach it next year?

Human Languages Page -->
Languages & Literature-->
10. Where in what play is the quote "to sleep: perchance to dream" found?

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare -->
search the texts
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