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To Be Announced!!!

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BE YOUR OWN BOSS! Would you like to be PAID what you are worth?

What if there was a way to start a home-based business, just__
like more than 50 million housholds did last year, and__THREE WAYS TO WIN
PURE, SAFE & BENEFICIAL participate in a $100 billion industry that allows you to:__1. Client:
pH correct

  • Do something you already know how to do
  • Extraordinary, skin care, color and nutrution products
Dermatologist tested
Never tested on animals
  • Work alongside your main job until you have created a large enough secondary income
  • Excellant customer service and convenient delivery
Formulated without
animal products or by-products
  • Blend family, friends and fun with work and income, allowing more time for both
  • Product gifts for referrals and hosting presentations
Formulated without mineral oil
  • Determine your daily activities, instead of someone else determining them for you
__2. Consultant:
  • Begin with minimal start up expenses, unlike expensive franchises and other small businesses
  • Tax advantages, low start up cost
  • Take Advantage of tax savings offered to small businesses
  • Be your own boss-create the income you desire; cash bonuses,overrides and sales incentives
Arbonne offers you: Superior products, Generous compensation plan, exceptional support and training and committed leadership.__
  • 35% product discount with toll free ordering
Did you know that every six seconds someone starts a home-based business? Arbonne invites you to take advantage of the Arbonne opputunity to make a difference in you, your health and your__
  • upline support, training and achievement recognition
opportunity to make a difference in you, your health and your finances. Choose your future become an Arbonne Independent Consultant today!__

Bridgette M. Hopson, Independent Consultant # 10739711.

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