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De'Andre and Janet - Forever and Always.

~FOR YOU~ Hold my hand and I will guide you, Even if you fall. I will always be beside you, With you through it all. If you ever need to cry, To share sadness and fears. I can't promise, but I'll try, And wipe away your tears. When you want me just to listen, I will heed your prayer. And even when I am not with you- Know I'm always there. And in return just be yourself, Complete one simple task. Your strength and faith, enduring love, Are all that I could ask. This special feeling I get from you is unlike any other. It's a perfect beautiful gift, given by a lover. So squeeze me tight and kiss me soft, never set me free. You're the one, the only one, who's meant to be with me. From this day forth as life unfolds, We will be together. Whether happy or sad, young or old, I'll hold your hand forever. Tweets~ Love? There's no such thing. Concepts like love and happy endings only exist in Disney movies. Or at least that's how I use to see it before I met you. I never thought I'd ever care so much about someone. But you... you completely changed all that. I now know that love is a disease and has only one cure and that's YOU: the one I love. Even though our situation's rather tough, no matter what, you always pull through for me. I wish my parents would just accept it and get over the fact that the confederacy lost the war alooooooong time ago. No one else has EVER cared for me the way you have...the way I care for you. Weve been through so much these past two years, and Im thankful for every second we spend together. Not only are you my boyfriend, but my BEST friend all the same. And that's how all couples should be. But because they aren't, I realize how fortunate we really are. You're basically ME - only in guy form. :-D Not a moment goes by when I don't miss you. Oddly as it sounds, although you're right beside me, I still miss you. In fact, I think that's the point when I miss you the most. Because I know, sooner or later, that I have to leave you for the day, and I hate that feeling. I miss the little things mostly-kisses on my cheek for no reason at all, the way you pray before you eat-but most of all, I miss how you don't care what people think. "They're only jealous that they don't have what we have." haha. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have you in my life, and I just want to thank you for everything you do for me-for the way you make me feel. You should know that it means a lot to me. There are only two times that I want to be with you... NOW and FOREVER! I love you, De'Andre Jamell Lacey. I think Michael Jackson says it best " don't matter if you're black or white."