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Huey Pierce Long

The "Kingfish" of Louisiana

Huey Pierce Long


There has been much speculation and all kinds of stories - some true, and some grossly exaggerated - circulating about my husband, Huey Pierce Long. As his wife, I would venture to say that few knew Huey better than I. Since his tragic death, many have become intrigued by the life of my husband. A remarkable, yet often controversial man, Huey was known as “the Kingfish” and was compared to everything from a modern day Robin Hood to a fascist dictator. Because of my knowledge and close relation to him and the interest expressed by many about his life, I have attempted to record what I know of him in the following work – hopefully it will help others gain a better picture of the life of my influential husband and the tremendous impact he had on the nation as a whole and more specifically, on the state of Louisiana.

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Childhood & Early Life
Early Career
Later Career
Assassination & Death
What Others Have Said