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Nov. 06 2005/Nov. 20 2005 - Eventing

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Please send all training request to Alex at Thanks!

It costs $500 per list of horses you send me to put on the training page.

It costs $10,000 PER EVENT to have me train yourself in a certain event.

It takes 2 FULL weeks to finish training for both members and horses. Banked events come up immediatly after asked. See prices below. Banked training is when you where trained in something but then trained in something else and already had 3 events that you were trained in and so you choose one to go down at the bottom of the page to be "Banked"!!!

You can be trained in a Maximum of 3 events at one time. Thats why I created "Banking"!!! It costs $2,000 to bring your banked event back up!