Lord of the Dance is a spectacular horse! He was the Champion at the Cloverly Estates Grand Opening Show. This quarter horse is the vision of vitality and health - even in his old age. He has had a long showing career and we are extremely proud of how he has given it his all. You can tell that he loves showing, but even more he loves pleasing his owner. We are always sure to spend time praising him and giving him a pat of affirmation when he does what we ask.

Sunny Sky Stables is considering retiring Lord of the Dance sometime in the not so distant future. We definitely will wait for him to hit the 1,000 point mark. Once he reaches that goal we are seriously going to consider giving him the rest he so deserves! Lord of the Dance won't be retired from breeding, though. We are still expecting a great many things from his current and future offspring!

Lord of the Dance has already sired three foals: Deck me a Dance, Elvish Dance and Murmor of the Lord. Deck Me a Dance is already showing much of the same talent exhibited in his sire, Lord of the Dance, as he already has over 200 points!

Lord of the Dance is currently open for stud at $8,000. The foal would be under contract that if you ever decide to sell the foal, quit HV, or geld the foal you would offer it to Jessica first. Don't miss out on the chance to breed to this amazing stallion! The price is going to continue rising as he gains points, so hurry and breed your mares to this stallion while the price is still low! Also, Lord of the Dance will only be bred to pure Quarter Horse mares from here on out.