Andisilwen is a beautiful little dapple gray mare. She is always ready to do whatever you ask her, and her attitude is one of wanting to please. She is showing great promise in the ring and we are expecting great things from this spirited little mare!

Since she is a mare with so much promise, we decided to breed her to our prize quarter horse stallion - Lord of the Dance. We decided to name her first foal Elvish Dance - getting Elvish from Andisilwen (it is an elvish name) and Dance from Lord of the Dance. Just as the foal is inheriting it's name from it's parents, we are sure that it will also have Andisilwen's sweet temperment and the incredible talent exhibited in both it's sire and dam!

Once Andisilwen reaches her 200 point mark, we plan on breeding her to another one of our quarter horse stallions. We're expecting her next foal to be one of amazing quality!