Sunny Sky Stables : Home of Champions!

I've made this page to honor all the champions that are currently living at Sunny Sky Stables. Please take a look around!

Active Champions:
CH Hispanic Renaissance (Lusitano)
CH Imperial Pride (Mustang)
CH Dream Catcher (Thoroughbred)
CH Valentina (Arabian)
CH Wishful Stars (Arabian)
CH Tequilla Sunrise (Arabian)
CH I Believe In Love (Arabian)
GCH Sir Daredevil Speed (Thoroughbred)
GCH Arwen (Quarter Horse)
GCH Mysterious Serge (Quarter Horse)
GCH Stella By Starlight (Arabian)
GCH Andisilwen (Quarter Horse)
GCH Teleptindomeiel (Quarter Horse)
GCH Kickin' Upda Dust (Quarter Horse)
GCH Speedy's Concept (Quarter Horse)
SCH Dragons' Tears (Arabian)
SCH Legolas (Quarter Horse)
SCH Touchdown Kid (Quarter Horse)
RCH My Spanish Rose (Arabian)
STCH Lord of the Dance (Quarter Horse)
UNCH The Duce (Arabian)

Retired Champions:
INCH Dark Love (Arabian)
INCH The Fire of Sunrise (Arabian)
UNCH Bakardi (Arabian)

Up and Coming Champions
83 - Lightning Shook the Sky (Lusitano)
93 - Only Smoldering Ashes Remain (Lusitano)
80 - Romeos Forgotten (Spanish Mustang)
32 - Elvish Dance (Quarter Horse)
38 - Golden Enchantment (Quarter Horse)
74 - El Bandito (Arabian)
46 - Thorns and Lovers (Arabian)
25 - Klassik Love (Arabian)