Boarding Information

We're pleased to hear that you're interested in boarding your horses with Sunny Sky Stables! Below you will find many different boarding plans you can choose from. Once you have decided on a plan, please send an e-mail to jessica ( and include the requested information at the bottom of this page.

Full Board
Your horse is groomed twice a day, fed four times a day, given the appropriate supplements, and fresh water is always available for your horse. Your horse will have four hours a day in one of SSS's roomy pastures. All of the horses' stalls at SSS are bedded with cedar shavings. Your horse will take up residence in the appropriate gender barn and its stall will be cleaned daily. Boarding comes with a complimentary blanket bought from the tack store, which we will make sure to put on your horse each night and anytime the weather is damp or chilly.
Price: $300.00 /Month

Retirement Field Board
Your horse will live in a pasture, if the weather is bad we will provide temporary shelter in a barn for it. Your horse will feed off the grass in the pasture, sleep on the grass in the pasture and does not need a stall. You may groom your horse whenever you like. Your horse must be retired from showing to be on field board.
Price: $50.00 /Month

Minimum Board
Your horse will be located in a stall in its appropriate gender barn. There will be two hours daily of pasture time and we will feed your horse three times a day. You must provide your own bedding and groom your own horse.
Price: $150.00 /Month

Current Boarders:
Jessica - 30 horses - Full Board
Jessica - 3 horses - Retirement
Bree - 7 horses - Full Board - $2,100

Boarding Information:
If you would like to board at Sunny Sky Stables, please e-mail the following information to!
Your name
Your e-mail
Horses' Names
Horses' Genders
The boarding plan you'd like to use.

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