Horse Venture Farrier

Welcome to the Farrier Page! This is in no way real it is part of a horse sim game called Horse Venture The Farrier is currently operated by Alex ( but is currenlty up FOR SALE and we are looking for new ownership!

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Horse Venture Records

Here at Horse's Venture Farrier Service, we strive to make sure that your horses are in the best health for your riding comfort. With a broken shoe your not enjoying your ride are you?

Horses need to come to the farrier every 3 months





All check-ups include a general hoof exam in which we check for loose shoes, cracks and lameness

All Purpose Shoes


4 Rubber Boats (safer for show jumpers and dressage horses no good for racing or showing events)


Hoof Check (looking for cracks and brusing)


Hoof Trimming


Hoof Cleaning




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