Show Equipment

Welcome to the Show Equiment Store! Here you can buy all of your show equipment needs, from a dressage arena chain to barrels for barrel racing. So take a look around the fill out the form of the bottom of this page. Records can be seen here.
Note: Each set of cups includes 4 cups.
Rock Castle Jump
This jump includes the two standards, a wall with painted tunnels, 2 poles, and 2 sets of jump cups.
Paddock Jump
This jump includes double columns with a fence, paddock gate and 1 set of jump cups.
Rearing Horse Jump
This jump includes rearing horse standards, a 2-section 3-step filler, 2 picket-fence fillers (under the rearing horses), 3 poles, and 3 set of jump cups.
Boat Wheel Jump
This jump includes the boat wheel standards, a matching boat wheel filler, 3 poles, and 3 sets of jump cups.
These cavalettis are red and white and eight feet long. Can be turned to three heights: ground level, eight inches, and sixteen inches (1 foot and four inches).
$45 each
Jump Standards
Basic Schooling Standard
3-Picket Schooling Standard
Part Lattice (plastic lattice)
Full Lattice (plastic lattice)
Walls, Roll Tops, and Fillers
Tunnel Wall
Brush Box
Natural Coop
Roll Top
Planks and Gates
Small Plank
$60 each
Medium Plank
$70 each
Large Plank
Small Picket or Lattice Combination Gate
$110 each
Medium Picket or Lattice Combination Gate
Large Picket or Lattice Combination Gate
Small Unpainted Pole
$20 each
Small Painted White Pole
$25 each
Small Striped Pole
$32 each
Large Unpainted Pole
$22 each
Larged Painted White Pole
$27 each
Large Striped Pole
Misc. Items
Dressage Arena Letters
$25 per letter or 1 set of letters for *large arena for $275 or 1 set of letters for **small arena for $175
Jump Cups (plastic)
$6 each
Flower Box (3 sections) White
$32 each
*The large arena set includes letters C,M,H,S,R,E,B,V,P,K,F, and A
**The small arena set includes letters C,H,M,E,B,K,F, and A

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