Horse Venture Bank

Welcome to the HV Bank. Below are listed the current accounts we have and their balances. If you are having problems here are a few solutions:

Bank name not here: Send in your username and bank codename and it will be fixed.

Account has too little money: You likely haven't deposited any of your cheques. Send them in and your balance will be corrected.

Account has too much money: People you have paid have most likely not deposited their cheques yet.

Checks are to be made in this fashion:
What For:
Your Account Name!!!

When Quitting the game unless you have stated that you are giving your money away, all the money will be going to the HV account for awards and special surprises.

Quixtstar $500,000
Jeraldine $575,000
HV $500,000
Asmo $425,000
SPCA $500,000
Lillie $500,000
Brown $500,000
Courtney $500,000
JMBank $500,000
JoJoJo $500,000
Barnlea $500,000
*TCH* $500,000
i love horses $500,000

Send all checks to Alex at