Cop Drives Over Protestor at DC WTO/IMF PROTEST- Photographs
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Miscellaneous A16 Photo

Article about incident

More on what happened at 17th and E Street Yes, you will have to scroll to the bottom to see that section!
An article on the illegal things done by DC police to silence the protestors from a reputable prog zine from DC. Siezing literature, spying and busting poster making sessions are but a few things that were done
New!!Article in major Cincinnati alternative zine (Citybeat) on mass arrest at a16, and the cops using "skidding out cars" and driving motorcycles fast near crowds to intimidate protestors
600 people arrested at DC WTO protests

Multimedia Protest Archive

Disclaimer-- contrary to what the advertiser funded corporate media has said, the police violence has been directed most often at peaceful demonstrators. Don't believe it? Then read hereand here about the wonderful monopoly press.


Breaking The Bank: The IMC documentary about the A16 protests in Washington DC against the IMF and World Bank.
part 1:
part 2:Talks about media's bias in coverage of protests, and World Bank's support of the dictator who commited geocide in East Timor

New on the Archive
Section on the WEF Protests(be sure to check out the video)
New photo, video, audio and text accounts of inaugeration protests
New Stuff on a16 protests

New!!!Police blocking videographer access during A16 DC WTO/IMF Protests

Cincinnati TABD/ n16 Protest Videos
n16- police violenceHas also the story in text format of how we who escaped arrest were pursued through downtown Cincinnati by the cops, and subsequently harassed and pepper spray FOR COMPLYING WITH ORDERS TO DISPERSE. Apparently, you will have to be "beemed up" in future to meet the police departments demands for dispersing in 12 seconds. See story entitled, "12 Second Warning" by Citybeat
N16- Cincinnati Video Diary, Part. 1 of 4

New!!!Version with actual sounds (better at conveying the severity of the violence which occured). 47 People were arrested soon after this was filmed.
N16- Cincinnati Video Diary, part 2 of 4
N16-- Video Diary (part 3 of 3)

Cincinnati Justice March Video
Mt. Adams Police Brutality Video
New!!! Video of Arrest of Protest Marchers in Mt.AdamsThe one girl is screaming because she is having pepper spray sprayed down her throat.See photo of this here
Text Account of What Happened

Video from DC Indymedia on a recent Reclaim the Streets in DC
Coffee Shop Scuffle
Coffee shop worker attacked by police at Reclaim the Streets
Reclaim the Streets
More video is available at DC IndymediaScroll down and look at their main articles section. There's no other major brutality stuff, but it's good to know they're keeping the cameras warm over there!
New!!! Breaching the Wall of Shame in Quebec
New!!! Tear gas and rubber bullets in Quebec City
New!!! Jello Biafra Speaks in Quebec City

More Video
A16 Video
a16 Music Video by Independent Media Center
A17 Camera Pepper Sprayed (Link restored!!!!!)

by IMC/Rick Rowley 9:06am Mon Apr 17 '00 brief clip of video camera getting pepper sprayed
Footage of Arrest of Girl by Plain Clothes Cops(Link restored!!!!!)
She's being dragged though the streets
Art in D.C. part 1 Two people shooting some scenes at A16. In the middle we find out why a older businessman would leave his office and sit in with the protesters in suit and tie.
Unarrest, Freedom Plaza (at Inaugeration Protests) by Brian Long 10:44am Mon Jan 22 '01 (Modified on 11:02am Fri Jan 26 '01) At approximately 2:30 at Freedom
Plaza, 4 individuals identifying themselves only as 'Police'
dragged a protester through the plaza. Through the quick intervention of other protesters,
both black block and other, the protester was unarrested.
However, the protester did not get away before
being dragged bodily from near the bleachers nearly to the street
at the back of the Plaza.
New!!!Harassed by Undercover cops? Here's what one lady does about these jackasses (he, he)
New!!!More comedy- Assistant DC Police Chief Pepper Sprays Himself
Seattle WTO-IMF Protests 1999

DC WTO-IMF Protests, Apr. 16th, 2000
Seattle November 30, 1999 WTO/IMF Protest Photos:
New!!! Infoshop's Seattle Photo Archive

Brasscheck's photos and text on what happened on N30 (includes doctors account of patients brutalized by rubber bullets).
March 23rd

Audio Live streaming of N30 audio
1. The Streets of Seattle: Looking Back at N30. A 30 minute sound collage that vividly documents the events of a year ago produced by Seattle IMC and Bruderhof Radio. MP3
Jello Biafra speaking about the Battle of Seattle

David Reid worked as a Mobil Equipment Operator for 20 years at Kaiser Aluminum in Spokane, WA. Since 1998, Reid and his fellow workers at Local 329 have been locked out. In early November, I spoke with Reid about his experiences at the Ruckus Society's Action Camp, with the Art and Revolution Roadshow, and his union's upcoming trek from Spokane to Seattle for the World Trade Organization Ministerial.(35 mins, mp3 @ 8.9 megs)
9. December 2nd rally interview: A framer from Grenada with the International Farmer's Movement by Gretchen King Dec 2nd '99 Recorded at a family farmer's rally in Victor Steinbreuck Park, Seattle. (realaudio)

Seattle Protests- Articles
ACLU report- "Out of Control: Seattle's Flawed Response to Protests Against the World Trade Organization" (has timeline of events):
"Pepper Spray Gets in Their Eyes" FAIR

DC a16 Protests- photos
Cops Pepper Spray Crowd

Photo of banner commemorating the victims of the massacre at Rio Negro appeared at the rally on the Ellipse on A16. Four hundred Mayan villagers who stood in the way of a dam financed by the World Bank were massacred by the Guatemalan army in 1982
New!!! Blocking 14th and G on A16
New!!!March Photo/ Collins' Peace Sign Near the Ellipse
Hit and Run by Secret Service Van on a16
New!!!Photo of people sitting on barricade
New!!!Union Leader Meets with Press

More a16 photos
Police Harass Activists and Confiscate literature
Police remove badges in Anticipation of Action
Photo of cops pepper spraying Washington Post reporter:

New!!!"Police Attack Photojournalists"
New!!!a16 photo: Sunday Morning in DC Ends in Pool of Blood
"a16 photo: Sunday Morning in DC Ends in a Pool of Blood"
New!!!Photo of sit in
"Critical Mass Trouble"
New!!! New!!!DC Indymedia's archive photos
"a16 Pictures"

Pepper Spray Victims
"Police Acting Like Police" poised to pepper spray/club innocent bystanders
New!!!A16 Nonviolent Grrrls Photo
"Just Another Shot of Police Brutality"
"Man in Stretcher on a16"
"Convergence puts Intelligence Unit into Pepper"

Optional Independent Label background music


Coping With Ignorance
Drop Kick Me Jesus
The Slobs
Community radio
sustains both the creative
vision and the
education of people everywhere.
Listen to
live-streamed community radio in Cincy at
More Community Radio Stations Live-streamed:
Pacifica station KPFA in San Francisco
Pacifica station WBAI in New York
WORT 89.9 FM , Madison, Wisconsin (Wisconsin is ironically progressive).

Puppet Maker At Work:
Rally At The Eclipse:
Mobilization for Global Justice's Pictures
The Independent Media Center in Action
Peace Sign and Riot Cops
New!!!Photo of Dumpster toted into street
A Good Day for Democracy, Arthur Foelsche

Washington DC WTO/IMF Protest (a16) Audio
New Audio!!!Police Brutality, Arrest, and Detention on A16
New Audio!!! A16 Talk (audio)
New Audio!!!Audio from someone running with the blac bloc Interview with an anarchist A16 organizer
"DC cop radios in his donut break..." No wonder cops are evil. Donuts aren't exactly a breakfast of champions. Small MP3 (70k)
Talk with Medea Benjamin, of Global Exchange, A16

Washington DC WTO/IMF Protest (a16) articles
New!!Article in major Cincinnati alternative zine (Citybeat) on mass arrest at a16, and the cops using "skidding out cars" and driving motorcycles fast near crowds to intimidate protestors
New!! Federal marshals club, pepperspray Tues. press conference attendees
Story of Jailed Activist
New!!! Mobilization for Global Justices' Page on A16 events
New!!! Chronological Account of a16 Events from the Pittsburg Weekly
Philly officers incite cops in anticipation of RNC convention
Horrific, traumatic beating in Wash. DC
What Happened at 21st and G on a16
New!!!The People--United--and Swarming the Streets of DC: a16 Stories and Analysis
New!!!Police brutality against people in lockdown at 21st and G on a16
New!!!"TV can't/won't tell you how it is."
Statement to the Public from Jailed IMF/Word Bank Protestors
Webpage giving one witness account of A16
Article on international capitalism's effect on poor countries
New!!!Police state targets the left
Poster: "Ghandi is dead cuz he wouldn't strike back."
In the Courts; United States District Court for the District of Columbia by IAC, Mobilization for Global Justice, Alliance for Global Justice
We must protest the media
New!!! A16: "We Would Have Won If They Hadn't Cheated," Retrogression Magazine
Cell phone Numbers for DC Police- Scroll down.
New!!!Photo of vice cop ordering from Starbucks (he, he!)

J20 Inaugeration Protests, Washington DC
Media Watch- CBS morning coverage
J20 - Audio from GAP Lockdown at San Francisco solidarity protest


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