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4-11-05 >>> days until school's out.<<<

Only two Weeks left

OK, ok. We blew it on the dates. Yes we know this. We were assuming that the "Fest" that our Hawaiian Party is to coincide with would be on the 17th, before finals. Well, it isn't the 17th, its the 3rd! This Freakin' Weekend!!! So tell all your buddies from home that you invited to this party that its this weekend and to get their asses here!

So, the Hawaiian Party... what should you expect? Well, there'll be plenty of refreshments and good times. We'd like you to wear something somewhat beachy or hawaiian, but whatever works (we realize it's only going ot be about 50 degrees outside). And what should you expect to see? Well, I don't think we're going to divulge that information, you'll just havta come see for yourself. I will tell you, you wont believe it when you see it. Anyways, it's an all day affair and the door is open, the only thing we're askin' is if you wanna burger or hot dog, you're going to havta B.Y.O.G. (Bring Your Own Grub), because we're spending all our funds on refreshments we cant provide everything here.

Well, there's some new pictures coming (they'll prolly be up late sunday or monday) from our last night of bowling and our fabulous weekend of enjoying the weather. Oh! And our new movie will be debuting at the Hawaiian Party. We'll probably show it a few times so you will just have to hang out here to see it. That's about it. Go outside and enjoy the weather (even though it's supposed to rain all this week). Can't wait till saturday! See you then! Na Zdrowie!

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