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Research into the origin of the SIDERS family in America shows that the original ancestors were Dutch, with the surname spelled ZEITER. Over time the spelling changed to SIDERS, and in some branches of the family became CYDRUS. Documents for Viola Siders show her named spelled both way. We have not yet been able to connect to these original Dutch settlers, but have been able to take the family back to Viola's grandparents.

"Generation Number 1"

VIOLA "OLA" SIDERS was born January 29, 1880 in Ross County, Ohio. She died August 5, 1915 in Chillicothe, Ross County, Ohio. She is the daughter of Henry Siders/Cydrus and Minerva Hartley. She married JOHN WESLEY CAHILL on March 14, 1905 in Ross County, Ohio.

JOHN WESLEY CAHILL was born March 19, 1881 in Franklin Township, Ross County, Ohio. He is the son of Ernest Cahill and Catherine Bost.

Viola's last name is spelled CYDRUS on her marriage license, while other documents give the spelling as SIDERS. Viola's husband died very young and unexpectedly at the age of 28, a result of blood poisoning and lockjaw contracted when he cut himself with a razor. Viola herself was only 36 years old when she died of unterine cancer. Their two orphaned daughters, Laura and Edith, went to live with other families. Whether they were related to these families, or if other circumstances dictated who and where they went to live with is something we are still looking into.

For the children of VIOLA SIDERS and JOHN CAHILL, see Cahill Genealogy.

Death Certificate
Viola (Siders) Cahill Death Certificate

"Generation Number 2"

HENRY SIDERS or CYDRUS was born on June 2, 1850 in Virginia. He died on December 16, 1909 in Scioto Township, Ross County, Ohio. He is the son of John Siders/CydrusS and Esther/Hester Russell. He married 1) MINERVA HARTLEY on January 15, 1874 in Ross County, Ohio. He married 2) MALINDA SHEETS on June 17, 1883 in Ross County, Ohio.

MINERVA HARTLEY was born about 1847 in Jackson County, Ohio. She died between 1880-1883. She was the daughter of ROBERT HARTLEY and ELIZA. Her first name has been found spelled Manerva, Manervy, and Minerva.

Malinda Sheets was born on October 4, 1861 in Chillicothe, Ross County, Ohio. She died on August 18, 1950 in Barberton, Summit County, Ohio. She is the daughter of David Henry Sheets and Nelly/Ellen Smith.

Children of Henry Siders/Cydrus and Minerva Hartley:

  • Eliza Siders, born 1874
  • Hester Siders, born 1877
  • Viola Siders, born November 15, 1881 in Ross County, Ohio. See above for details.

The information we have on Viola's father, Henry Siders, has been gathered from census records and Viola's marriage license. His parents were born in Ohio -- perhaps in Ross or Jackson Counties -- and were living in Ross County when the 1880 Census was taken.


Last Name First Name Relation Sex Marr Race Age Born Occ Fa Mo
Syders Henry Self M M W 32 OH Laborer OH OH
Manerva Wife F M W 33 OH Keeping House OH OH
Eliza Dau F S W 6 OH At Home OH OH
Hester Dau F S W 3 OH At Home OH OH
Viola Dau F S W 4m OH At Home OH OH

The 1900 Federal Census for Ross County, Ohio (pg 94a, #143) provides further information. That record shows Henry Siders, his second wife (Malinda), and children -- all born in Ohio. Whereas the 1880 Census gives the spelling of the last name as SYDERS, here it is spelled SIDERS. The children from his first marriage are no longer living at home.

    Henry Siders, June 1850, 49, married 17y, OH, OH, OH, farmer
    Malinda, September 1860, 39, 7/5 children (7 born, 5 still living)
    Henry, February 1885, 15
    Flora, October 1888, 11
    Clara, November 1892, 7
    Effie, August 1893, 3
    Charlotte, September 1899.

"Generation Number 3"

JOHN SIDERS or SYDERS married HESTER. We are still working on this generation. There is a John Siders living in Paint Township, Ross County, Ohio in the 1820 and 1830 Ohio Federal Census index. Though it is not conclusive, the years and place would be right for Henry's father.

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