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BEAUtiful Boy!:)
Meet The Club

I thought it would be cute to go to one of the sites of those cute little cartoon dolls and use them to represent each member of the group. If I can ever find(or if there are) guys dolls, I'll add one to represent Beau:) But, here is a little info about the club members:)



This is me!:) Well, sorta:) Well, a little bit about me...I'm 18. I am a freshman Kent State University majoring in psychology, minoring in music-flute/piccolo. Ummm...I was the first president of the First Official Beau Clark Fan Club...and I explained how that came about on the front page:) And I don't care what the circumstances are, when Beau becomes all famouse-as we all know he will:)- I'm going to do his 'other' official fan club...and get paid for it!!:)hehe...ya hear that Beau!...You calll me when make it!:)hehe Anyway...I LOVE music, theater, movies, and WB shows-Buffy, Dawson, and the rest:) as well as MTV...I Love my boybands:) and EVERY other type of music out there...yes, country inluded:) and classical and Jazz:)...oh but now gospal...gets annoying...sorry:) If ya wanna know anything else, email me!:) OK, enough about me...on the others:)



This is Jenny!:) I really can't telel you a whole lot about her cuz I don't really know her that well and haven't seen her in forever!:) I met Jenny in summer gym the summer of '99. Megan and I were talking to her and told her we went to Wooster and she asked us if we knew Beau Clark!...if you live in Wooster, you know Beau!:) Then she told us that she was in Bye Bye Birdie with him. So, me, Megan, Jenny, and Jackie basically talked about Bye Bye Birdie and Beau the entire time:)hehe. Jenny was the first Secrtary:) I went to see Bye Bye Birdie 3 times:) It was aweosme! Jenny was Ursula. She got to cling to Beau's leg:) She enjoyed that:) I talked to her before the show the first time I saw it and after she left to go backstage my friend I went with, Amber actually:), was like "She's looks so cute!":) Yup:) That was such an awesome play:)heheSo, for more about Jenny or whatever ask her!:)



This is Jessica! She's a bum and isn't doing anything right now:) NO, she's working and last I knew was thinking bout going to OSU next year. She in band, played the clarinet....Ahhh...memories:)hehe Hey, I miss it!:) That's where I met her...Jr. High in band. She knows a guy named Squeege!:) Ok, his name was Kyle but everyone calls him Squeege...I forget why though. He's from Dalton and he knows Beau. Beau knows lots of people from Dalton, and everywhere else, I swear!:) And Squeege once died his hair purple last year, and that's Beau's fav color...see all the connections!:)hehe But she's not like all into the theater stuff and I don't think she's anything that Beau's been in either:) But that's ok, cuz she was in Beau's Political Science calss last year and Beau and his friend Brady wrote a song for one of their projects about the 60's and civil rights movements and stuff. Brady played guitar and Beau of course sang:) I have a recording of that tape:) I borrowed it from the teacher and made a copy of it:)hehe. If I can ever figure out how to put sound wavs up on here I may add part of it:) So, Jessica had a class with Beua this year and I didn't!:) Oh well:) So, that's Jessica. Want to know anything else? Email her!:)



Here's Amber! I love this doll:) I wish I had that hair! I love it!:) Anyway, I've known Amber since forever! She's not really into theater to be in it but she's likes going to plays and stufff, and has seen Just about every play that Beau's HS anyway. She is into sports, loves softball, used to play during summer leagues until she was too old. Yeah, she was with me at Bye Bye Birdie when Beau like Jumped in my face and was singing "Honestly Sincere" to me! It was too funny. She told me I should've gotten into it and started acting like the 'Conrad Groupies' and started fainting and stuff:) But, gee, I didn't. Yeah, she was the one who thogh Jenny looked too cute in her costume:)hehe I wish I had been in it so I could wear the cute little 50's clothes:)...poodle skirts and capri pants and stuff. That and Grease! I Love those clothes:) Hmm...Amber's a bum too:) No school right year. She's looking at school's in Washington though:) She works at Wooster Skateland the like ONE day it's open now. And she does computer stuff from where her dad works that makes like a bazillion dollars:)hehe, ok, not quite:) Anywho, that's Amber. Wanna know more? Emial her!



This is Miss Walden, or Mandy. She's a teacher at WHS. She's like, in her early 20's and knew Beau before she cam to WHS, from Speech, I think. She's kewl! One of my fav teachers there!:) She teaches English classes, one of them being a Drama and Composition class. I took that class when I was a junior-also her first year there-and guess who was in my class......BEAU!:)hehe...of course:) That class was the Best! That year the music the school was doing was West Side Story so in Drama class we all wrote a little spoof of it and performed it for part of the school. Our version was kewl...instead of the gangs being the Jets and the Sharks, we had the Chickens and the Monkey's:) At the beginning the Monkey's entered the stage to the song "Hey Hey We're The Monkees" and the Chicken's came on the the Chicken/Birdy dance song. it was too funny. I was a Monkey, and guess who else was...BEAU!:)hehe...Oh, the chicken's were the sharks and the monkees were the jets:) We prefpormed it during the school day for study ha;lls and English classes:) Ot was sooo fun! I got a copy of the tape:) Then that year we also wrote our own versions of fairy tales in small groups, and performed for the elementary classes from the school across the street from the HS. I wasn't in Beau's group but his group's story was hilarious! His was making fun of teen pop groups out at the time---Hanson, BSB, and Spice Girls. Hanson and BSB were 7 dwarfs(there were only 4 BSB guys) Then there was scarey Spice being the Wicked Queen and then someone being Snow White. We didn't perform in our own plays. I was in one spoofing Cinderella(it was backward...Cindy Rella, her name was, was the popular girl and the prince guy was a nerd and stuff) I was a ditz/cheerleader person. It was fun:) it was me me and another girl. She was in a WHS cheerleader uniform and I wore a blue majorette skirt and a majorette shirt, cuz I didn't have access to a cheerleader one, that had a name on the back. it was my aunts from a few years ago when she was there. Anyway, yeah, Miss. Walden is awesome! Beau is obsessed with her!:)hehe OK, so yeah, that's Miss Walden. If ya wanna know more you cna't email her cuz I don't have her address cuz she changed it and never told anyone what it is now!:) Oh well:)



This is Marissa. Sorta. She actually has shorter light brownish-blonde hair, but I couldn't find a mini doll anything like that and was also wearing purple. There were only a few mini dolls wearing purple,a actually. So I picked this one. Well, Marissa is Megan's sister. And I really don't know anything about her. And I believe she's in 8th grade now. I know she was into cheerleading and stuff. I believe she tried out in 7th grade but I don't know about 8th grade. Oh an get this...Last Christmas Megan got a lap top. Marissa got this little black purse and Megan was jealous of it. She got a lap top and she was jealous of a freaking purse! a Crackhead!:) But yeah, I don't know what else to tell ya about her, cuz I don't know anything else. Including an email address, so you'll have to do without:)



Heeeeerre's Megan!:) Sorta:)hehe Megan is the new pres of the newsie voted in by the other members. She is also very much into theater. She met Beau, I believe, when she was in...7th grade, I think. She was in or working on a play in Jr. High and Beau was helping with it. Someone told Beau that she liked him and he told her to sing the Beau National Anthem. She asked what it was and he sang the Conrad Birdie song, replacing his name with that's where we got the Beau National Anthem:) Megan's also in choir. She used to be in band but quit this year cuz she Sux!:)hehe But she was all excited about choir this year cuz Beau was helping with it for the first month or so. Anything else you wanna know about Megan, you'll have to ask her cuz I don't know anything else:)hehe



This is Jill:) Jill is the new Secretary of the fan club:) She is also on that is into theater and she's also in choir--she was also excited about the fact that Beau was going to be helping out with it for the first month or so:) She also had a little story about Beau, which was that last year, I think, Beau was her 'squad leader' type person in choir. She said he was abusive-hit her twice-but she also said she enjoyed it:) Imagine that:)hehe Oh and Jill went to BEau's graduation party, as did me Jessica and Louise, but at the end when we were all leaving and we were giving good bye hugs to Beau she thought she was all slick cuz Beau hugged her last and she was like "Saving the best for last." Then Beau came over to me and hugged me again and was like "ha ha!":) It was funny. But we had fun at the party. It was so sad though cuz the year was over and no more Beau:) I miss him:) As does everyone:) Anyway, yeah, so Jill's in choir with Megan and they're all happy cuz Beau's there:) And that's Jill. For more info email her!



This is Karen! And Karen actually has a dress pretty damn similar to this one except it's blue and not purple(and notice...All the dolls have purple on them somewhere:Phehe) And she has soes close to that but silver:) Anyway, Karen is a freshman in college at Ashland University. She was/is in this modeling school/agency thingy in Akron last year. I'm not sure what she does with it now though. I imagine she's still with them, though. She wants to be an actress.--So, yes, she's very into the whole theater thing...and she's minoring in it too:) She was fed up with the drama club this year too...weren't we all:) She was in abnd too. Played the trumpet. And is in choir in college, I believe. She was in Jazz band last year when the director wrote this song for Beau to sing...Called "Woo Blues." Beau sang it at one of the Jazz band concerts and I had Mr. Adams make me a recording of that concert:) If I figure out how I'll put up some of that song on here too:) well as Kilkee songs:) So, yeah, Karen go to play what Beau was singing!:)hehe. It was awesome!:) Well, wanna know more about Karen? Emial Her!



This Cathi Gwin-again:) Cathi is I think going to Wayne College...last I knew anyway. She was in band. She played the clarinet..booo...her older sister played the flute...YAY!:)hehe She has nice pants! Aweosme pants. I like her pants!:)....inside thing...She was in my Political Science class last year and there was this guy in our class that ALWAYS wore shorts...even in the like 20 below the school was Always freezing anyway. We didn't understand it!:) So, during this mock trial thing we had we were on the jury and he was a lawyer. We were supposed to dress up and he wore shorts for that too. Then she started to keep saying 'Get some pants' and stuff like, just like whispering. Then it was funny cuz the next day he came in wearing pants. SO then everytiume we would see each other the first words we'd say were "I like you pants" and "Nice pants" and stuff like that:) Well, it was funny. Cathi's kewl. She not very cooperative though! I asked her to write me a play review for Beau's scrapbook and she gets out a peice writes for like 2 seconds and gives me this thing that says something like "Little Shop Of Horrors was good. It was scarey. The plant was mean. It scared me" Or something like that.! No Cathi! No!:) No, she wasn't ver cooperative about that!:) Anywho, that's Cathi! Wanna know more? Email her!



This is Miss Walden's frind that lives in Japan. I know absolutely nothing about her except that I guess she knows Beau and when miss Walden told her about the fan club she wanted to join too:) So I said yeah sweet! And Beau was all excited, saying how the fan club was now internations!:)hehe, that's Beau for ya:) SO, yeah, I don't know this person or really anything about her, so I have no cute little stories or anything, so I'll leave this section now, cuz I have nothing else to say:) And also, I don;t have an email for her either, obviously:)



This is somewhat Shanna. Another Jr. Member. Ok, let me explain something about this doll first. Ok, I didn't want to use this doll. It also in no ways resembles Shanna. but the only other doll wearing purple other than what I used for Marissa was balck, and Shanna's not balck, so I wasn't gonna use that one. But this doll...I really think, looks almost EXACTLY like this girl that is a year younger than me. And I don't like the girl, which is why I dind't want to use this doll. Her name is Sami Lytle. Me no like her and I hate having to use this doll, but oh well. Anyway, I don't know Shanna very well either. She helped with 110 In The Shade Last year and she asked to join the club, so I said sure. She's the little sister of this guy a year younger than me. He's good friends with Beau and I talked about his in one of the newsletters:) His name is Pat Finn. He's CRAZY! He's kinda of a jerk, but kewl at the same time I guess. He's funny. He's in band. he's used to use all my glitter at the football games:) He's a cutie though, ya can't deny that:) He thinks he's the next Donny Osmond:) he told me that once:) Every year he's always had a swarm of freshman girls around him. He like, pickes up new freshman as the come in. I don't know if it's the same this year though cuz I'm not ther:) Shanna was also in Bye Bye Birdie. Anyway, that's Shanna, and her borther:)hehe. I don't have an email for her either, so you'll have to deal with it!:)hehe



This is Jackie. She's Nuts!!! Ask anyone that knows her! They'll tell ya! She's Crazy! She's obsessed with Beau!:) And a few other guys that graduated with Beau and I. She's the new VP of the fan club. She was the Treasure before. We don't have money for anything, so I don't really know why we have a treasurem, but, Oh well:) Oh, she sent this valentine to Beau at school and wrote this really nasty poem on it and put from the fan club. I wasn't too happy about that cuz she wrote...not teh fan club...but that's just Jackie:) Nasty and crazy! She wrote the September issue of the newsie...#14, maybe:) So, be prepared:) She's obessed with NSYNC and for some reaosn thinks that Justin Timberlake is just the hottest thinh...ugh! Sorry...I Love NSYNC, but Hate Justin...eeeewwwwwww!:)hehe And, that's Jackie. For more info...ask her!:)



Here's Manda Panda:)--Amanda- She's a senior this year:) As well as the new treasure of the fan club:) She's also involved with drama club. She didn;'t do much with it last year though cuz they sick! No just kidding...well, sorta:) After the auditions for 110 In The Shade she kinda steared clear of the drama club. Cuz like, it's the same people ALL the time and it got really old and annoying! With the guys you can't much help it cuz there aren't near as many of the as girls. But with the girls there's just so many that want real(speaking) parts, and it's always the same like 5 people getting them! I dind't much appreciate that, but oh well. It's not my problem anymore:) Anyway, Amanda had this really awesome long curly hair and she freakin chopped it all off last year! She pulled a Keri Russell move on us!:) But it was still kewl:) It wasn't quite as short as Keri Russell's but it was close. Amanda and I were both in West Side Story two years ago:) It was awesome! So much fun! beau had the lead...Tony:)hehe It was sooo sad! Anywho, want to know more about Amanda? Email her!



This is Louise. She's a junior in HS this year. She's ini band...plays flute and piccolo.--YAY!...the best ones to play!:) Go Louise!:)hehe She just movied to Wooster about what like almost 2 years quite. LIke middle of her freshman year. I made her help with "110 In The Shade" last year:) It was fun...interesting...the freaking people who kept yelling at me about the newsletter just needed to go straight top hell though!:) Sorry...anyway...yeah, so we didn make up and costumes. It was fun. She's one of my fellow Hansonites!:)...yes!...I like, no, LOVE Hanson!:) As does she! She was all freaking out cuz I got 11th row tickets to their concert in Lakewood Ohio in Oct.--I'm looking for better ones though!:)hehe Yeah, and during 110 In The Shade her, Beau and I were sitting in the green room looking at J-14 magazine and there was a pic of Hanson and Beau was like " you still like the"-to me. he always ragged me about it in 10th grade:) And I was like yeah, and so does she-(Louise.) Then he asked us both if there was a choice to burn the KILKEE Soundtrack or Every Hanson cd, which would we burn...being smart, I said Hanson. Louise, on the other hand said Kilkee...which drove Beau insane and he was all going off. Her excuse was that she's only hear 2 osngs from it. Yeah, ok, but still. You don't tell someone that you'd buirn their cd instead on someone else's!:)hehe, Yeah, so that's Louise. Wanna know more? Email her!



Heeeere's Deanna! Dee is now a senior in HS! Yay!--less thana year to go!:)hehe She's also in band, and she plays, the best instrument to play....the flute, of course!hehe:) Hmmm...she's also into Hanson:) Yeah, the little hoochie got to see them in Cinci in '98...4th freaking row! How rude!:) Ah well. But I'm still trying to upgrade my tickets:) Yeah, she also saw the Beach Boys from 4th row this past summer! Ugh! She sux!:) Well, I saw 98* 4th row so hah!:)hehe She's seen a few plays Beau's been in. I'm not sure which though. I know she saw Little Shop cuz I believe she ushered that with Karen:) That was a too awesome play!...Even though Ayler ate Beau!:) Beau was the dentist that got chopped into little bits and fed to the plant, played by this aweosme guys named Ayler! He was like The Man of acting at WHS his four years. Beau was #2, then when Ayler graduated in '98 Beau took over the #1 sopt:)hehe Anyway, I believe she saw something other than that but I don't know which ones. She's not really an active member of the club. But she asked if she could join and of course she could:) But, yeah, that's Deanna:) Wanna know more? Email her!:)

Ok, here's something I just found. I was looking around for cartoon dolls pages and how to mkae thema nd stuff, and I came across this page. I was a page of cartoon witch dolls. Since I'm into witches and stuff I checked it out and it was a site to adopt a cartoon witch. Well, there was a purple witch and it was awesome so I emailed the girl and told her I wanted to adopt it:)hehehehe I didn't really get it though. it just said to email her with email address and web site address and put a link to her site on mine. So whatever. I did it. But, you can go to this site and see the purple doll. I'll put it up on here once I'm able to save it and upload into my site:)

Adopt A Witch Doll