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Pedigrees listed by name of submitter

Jeanette West ( http:/

(self) Jeanette Louise Quick
(parents) William Calvin Quick and Judy Ann Divine
(grandparents) William J. Divine and Ova Lucille Seivers
(G grandparents) Milas Samuel Seivers and Fannie Viola Myrtle Moore
(GG grandparents) Plesant Seiber and Mary Jane Vann
(GGG grandparentsSamuel Seiber and Ellender Bunch

Sandra Anderson (
(self)Sandra Catiller & Johnny Anderson
(parents)Gladys Beatrice Seiber &Ronald Catiller
(grandparents)Floyd Lee Seiber &Nellie Lois Brotherton
(G grandparents)Lincoln Seiber & Nola Belle Dunn Hill
(GG grandparents)James Seiber & Sara B. Daugherty
(GGG grandparents)Samuel Seiber & Mary Elenor Bunch

Gloria Fay Burris
(husband) Charlie Benjamin "Ben" Burris & Gloria Fay Harmon
(parents) Lillie Isabelle Seiber 1891-1935 & John Spurgeon Burris 1886-1951
(grandparents) James L. Seiber 1859-1936 & Mary Jane Harness 1858-1936 (Cem record 1864)
(G grandparents) William Seiber 1836-1896? & Mary "Polly" Braden 1838-1910
(GG grandparents) Robert Seiber 1804-1886 & Winnie Jane Farmer 1807-1887
(GGG grandparents) Phillip Seiber 1760-1770 d aft 1840 m 1st unk & 2nd Mary Lively b 1767-d aft 1850

James Havron
(wife) Roseanne Carole Rigsby + James Tyre Havron, Jr.
(parents) James Bryan Rigsby + Hazel Annette Tooley
(grandparents) John Elbert "Tom" Tooley + Kathryn Turley
(G grandparents) John S. Tooley + Mary Seiber
(GG grandparents) George Seiber Latha Jane Silvey
(GGG grandparents) John Seiber + Malinda (Millie) Lively
(GGGG grandparents) Phillip Seiber + Mary(?)
(GGGGG grandparents)(Possibly) John Seiber

Thurman Seiber
(GGG grandparents) Phillip Seiber b. Germany 1765 & Mary (possibly Himmelberger) to
(GG grandparents) John Seiber knows as Rev. John Seiber b. 1797 Maryland & Melinda Lively to
(G grandparents) Jordon (Jurdon) Seiber b. 1840 & Edna Jane Daniel (1st wife) to
(grandparents) Mose Seber (note spelling change-father changed during war) b. 1862 & Penia Delilia Mainord to
(parents) Cordell Seber b. 1905 married Ona V. Hall to
(self) Thurman Seber 1943 married Anna Laura Bowers

Sinta Seiber Lane
(self) Sinta Seiber Lane to
(parents) (still living) to
(grandparents) Jesse Seiber and Bertha Hill to
(G grandparents) John Edward Seiber and Minnie Viola Cessna to
(GG grandparents) Daniel Seiber and Sarah Jane Tooley to
(GGG grandparents) George Seiber and Eda Henderson to
(GGGG grandparents) John Seiber and Malinda Lively to
(GGGGG grandparents) Philip Seiber

Teresa Newport
(GGGGG grandparents) Philip Sebre, Sr. Abt. 1765-1847 & Katherine 1767-Aft. 1850
(GGGG grandparents) Samuel Wesley Seiber, Sr. 1790-1871 & Isabella Frost 1792-1834
(GGG grandparents) Mariah Seiber 1827-? & Thomas Newton Burress, Sr. 1825-1880
(GG grandparents) Alfred Burress 1849-1925 & Saffrona Duncan aka: Frona 1861-1945
(G grandparents)Sarah Elizabeth Burress 1891-1982
(grandparents) James Conklin Newport 1882-1954
(parents) J.C. Newport & Pearl Gregory to
(self) Teresa Carol Newport

Wanda R. Grubb-Albers
Rutha Seiber & Franklin Boyd Grubb
Rev. John Seiber & Alvina Kincaid
Samuel Seiber Sr. & Isabelle Frost
Philip Seiber Sr. & Unknown

(self) Peggy Jean Seiber Cabe
(parents) Wallace R. Seiber and Marilyn A. Morton
(grandparents) Robert C. Seiber (1903-1982) and Lola E. Hill (1908-1997)
(G grandparents) Nick Seiber (1873-1959) and Ella Mae Keys (1884-1930)
(GG grandparents) James Seiber and Sarah Elizabeth Daugherty
(GGG grandparents) Samuel P. Seiber and Mary Ellender Bunch

Elva Mae Seibers Wiley
(G grandparents) Samuel P Seiber & Ellender E Bunch
(grandparents) James Seiber abt 1847-1848 & Lincoln Seibers 1880-1885
(parents) Floyd Lee Seibers & Nellie Lois Brotherton
(self) Elva Mae ( Seibers ) Wiley & Thomas R Wiley


Jay Seiber
(self)A J Seiber & Karen E Caruthers
(parents) Bob Seiber 1915-1944 & Idell J Hawn 1921-1989
(grandparents) Richard H Seiber 1893-1921 & Sarah Miller 1892-1983
(G grandparents) Wiley Rich Seiber 1867-1940 & Jane Kennedy 1878-?
(GG grandparents) Stonewall Jackson Seiber ?-1830 & Elizabeth Burge 1830-1902
(GGG grandparents) John Seiber 1797-1861 & Malinda Lively 1800-1881
(GGGG grandparents) Phillp Seiber 1765-1841 & Mary ?